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Men's Snowboards


CODA CAMBER (NEW! 2017) – No matter the terrain or snow condition, this is your every day resort and back country performer. Made for a seasonal rider who wants a poppy ride with fully engaged performance.

SHREDDY KRUEGER (NEW! 2017) – This directional, big mountain board provides maximum float with its arrow head tip and surf style turns with its parabolic rocker.

ELEMENT PREMIUM (2016) – Arbor’s flagship board that has been in the line for 20 years, now offered in a cleaner graphic with a premium Palisander topsheet, or standard black with a hand-dyed ash topsheet.

SIN NOMBRE (2016) – This twin tip features the new System Camber profile meaning the camber lessens toward the tip and tail of the board. This design paired with Up-Rise Fenders make for the energetic and stable ride you expect from camber, just with less opportunity for catching edges.

WHISKEY (2016) – A medium flexing rocker, the Whiskey can handle it all. Providing all-mountain versatility and “cross terrain mobility” from beginner to advanced.

A-FRAME (2014) – Traditional camber with a mid-stiff flex, this is the contemporary big mountain board. You get response, edge hold, and stability at speed all without any frills.

ELEMENT (2015) – Designed to go anywhere on the mountain, with a medium flexing twin shape. The System™ rocker provides a relaxed ride with better turn initiation, easier presses and butters and crazy float in powder.

ROUNDHOUSE (2015) – The all-mountain machine with The System™ rocker that’s built to support larger feet, this board is a medium flexing twin for anyone intermediate to expert.


BRANCH MANAGER (NEW! 2017) – This board is in the Family Tree series and prioritizes float and quick turning ability. The Branch Manager features directional shape in the camber and flex, which will increase pop in the tail and a resilient nose to maintain control in all terrain and conditions.

CUSTOM X (2016) – The hardest charging deck Burton makes, it’s the best choice in stiff camber options for the pro-caliber rider.

TOUGH CAT ( 2016) – The most responsive board in the Family Tree line from Burton also features the most aggressive sidecut Burton has used in over a decade. Designed for powder and when conditions get chewed up, the cat can claw its way through anything.

CUSTOM TWIN FLYING-V (2016) – A twin profile version of the most iconic board in the Burton lineup, this model also features Off-Axis edges to compensate for our body’s biomechanics. What does this mean for you? Better grip when you need it that comes easily, without sacrificing your speed. The graphic features the work of artist who uses only ballpoint pen to recreate is photography, and is featured for the Shop Local program, available only in select shops.

FLIGHT ATTENDANT (2015) – The flight attendant has rocker in the nose for quick turning, a tapered tail for more float and flow, with setback camber and centered sidecut to create a twin freestyle feel when riding flat base. The sweet spot between the most aggressive board and its most playful counterpart, this board handles powder, hard pack and everything in between.

CUSTOM RESTRICTED (2014) – Snappy and stable camber can also provide playfulness. Carbon Highlights™ ensure effortless maneuvers and the pop is courtesy of Squeezebox™ where different zones throughout the core are thicker and thinner where necessary. This team-designed true twin is slightly narrower for quicker response.

CUSTOM RESTRICTED FLYING-V™ (2014) – With rocker overall and camber underfoot you get the best they both provide with effortless float and turns, with camber and Frostbite™ working together to focus on edge hold and power in your turns. Pro-Tip™ tapered tip and tail cuts down on swing weight for even more mobility.

BARRACUDA (2014, 2016) – In deep powder speed and float are your only friends and that’s where S-Rocker™ come s in. Rocker that extends from the nose to under your front foot then transitions to either camber or flat between your feet enables the nose to lift with the rider engages the camber. Float is improved while momentum and stability are maintained in variable conditions. The Carbon I-Beam™ runs the length of the board increasing longitudinal pop.

JUICE WAGON (2014) – Directional shaped board with a 12mm taper and directional flex. This board is tried and true camber throughout for stability at high speed and powerful response in and out of turns, pretty straightforward.

SHERLOCK (2014) – Twin shape but directional flex, this board is spring-loaded with the Flying-V™ camber profile. Frostbite™ keeps your edge staked in the snow with seamless full contact feel.

SUPER HERO (2014) – Flat Top™ construction is a different feel from rocker or traditional camber. A flat and stable profile between the feet for better control, with an early rise tip and tail for the easy float you expect from rocker without the occasional unpredictable feeling. A true twin made specifically to downsize, contributing more maneuverability. It’s also mid-wide to accommodate a slightly larger footprint or provide a stable feel for a boot size 10 or smaller.


ULTRA MOUNTAIN TWIN (2016) – The leaner, meaner brother of the original Mountain Twin, ULTRA construction eliminates weight and adds carbon stringers for explosive pop. Rocker tip and tail with camber underfoot and mellow Magne-Traction provide the feel you need whether it’s deep snow or icy steeps. With a base that’s as fast as it gets, it’s also bullet proof and designed to stand up to boxes and rails.

FLAGSHIP (2015, 2016) – For the fast aggressive rider; more rocker in the nose for float in deep snow and slight camber between your feet for immediate response. Light rocker in the tail keeps it catch-free heading into turns and switch landings. Mellow Magnetraction™ distributes weight evenly to the effective edge to provide unbeatable edge hold. Carbon stringers keep everything lively while the ash wood top sheet dampens chatter and foot fatigue. The recycled base from p-tex scraps keeps mother earth smiling.

MOUNTAIN TWIN & MOUNTAIN TWIN LTD. (2015) – A free-riders’ dream, this board is twin with directional flex. The Camrock™ profile means an even balanced early rise tip and tail with slight camber between the bindings, ensuring float in powder switch or not. Mellow Magnetraction™ brings it all together with stable edge hold.

AVIATOR (2015, 2016) – A directional board featuring 3D power camber meaning a two degree bevel at all four contact points to make it the most catch free camber yet still aggressive. New for 2015 is a Triax Carbon Fiberglass for even more pop.


SKUNK APE FM (2016) – Constant testing and refinement make this board the best choice for “larger gentleman,” with a directional twin freestyle orientation it’s the only choice for big and wide, beginners to experts. Limited edition fundaMENTAL version available only with certain retailers can be found here.

RICE PRO FM (2016) – Travis Rice’s foundation shred stick, this board has won and done it all. Twin freestyle with lasting pop and performance, this fundaMENTAL version is a limited edition and available only at certain retailers.

 HOT KNIFE (2015) – Camber dominant C3 provides a combination of mild rocker between the feet with the highest degree of camber in the tail you can feel. This board can make a mogul run feel like fresh corduroy.

SKATE BANANA (2014) – The original rocker board that changed the game, the Skate Banana rides with mild pressure in the tip and tail for unreal float and jibbing ease while solid pressure between your feet makes for easy turning. Magnetraction™ turns ice into powder. A fun and easy ride with super light spin weight.

ATTACK BANANA (2014) – Skate Banana’s more aggressive cousin. EC2 camber profile features an elliptical camber (envision an egg on its side as opposed to a perfect half circle) in the nose and tail for a bit more response than banana alone.

SKUNK APE (2015) – A directional twin that’s tall and wide with wider stance options for a high performance freeride board for a tall rider with a large footprint.

TRS (2014) – True twin with XC2 B; A new formula of C2 with a shorter yet more aggressive banana rocker combined with camber that sits more underfoot. Extra solid tip and tail pressure for power, pop, precision and end-to-end stability combined with medium pressure between your bindings for carving.

RICE PRO (2014) – A true twin c2 dominator, if it’s good enough for Travis Rice, don’t you think it’s good enough for you?


MOD (2016) – Camber construction for the rider looking for enough power to hammer high speed turns, ollie small villages and dominate the backcountry.

REVERB ROCKER (2016) – Bringing it all together for an all terrain vehicle, the newly revised and reconstructed Reverb Rocker features rocker and camber for further versatility.

GANGPLANK (2015, 2016) – For the all mountain rider with a creative spin pressing boxes or turns. A thin rod of bamboo provides pop and Rebound Sidewalls absorb more impact.

MOD ROCKER (2014, 2016) – A true twin flat rocker with pop and power, this deck is flat based for a stable feel and a rockered out tip and tail for looseness and float. Play for the park and speed to get serious and put the hammer on your favorite steeps.

AGENT/AGENT  MIDWIDE (2014) – For the snowboarder’s snowboarder, the cambered design has maximum amplitude to ollie slow signs, send jump lines or blast out of the pipe.


AWESYMMETRICAL (2015) – A twin asymmetrical all-mountain freestyle ripper with more aggressive sidecut on your heel-side edge to compensate for your biomechanical shortcomings, the Park Flex and Clash Rocker provide the perfect pop to press ratio and Tefloaded Base injects rocket speed and keeps waxing jobs to a minimum.

SUPERPARK LTD/SUPERARK WIDE (2014) – From peak to park, this is a true twin for versatility with a park flex capable of stomping jumps; a true quiver killer.

KT-22 WTX (NEW! 2016) – Still speaking to the same rider but upgrading is all in the details and the WTX version of the flagship board from Smokin’ features an early rise in the nose for supreme float in a board with camber in the tail.

KT-22 (2014) – A hard-charging all mountain deck with plenty of power yet surprisingly easy to throw around, the perfect balance for anything from side country missions to icy white knuckling. Directional flex with an inch of setback for when it gets deep.

BIG WIG (2014) – The Big Wig has a slightly wider waist that feels ultra stable on rails and can easily accommodate a size 12 boot without feeling like you strapped into an oak door. DIRT Rocker freedom combined with extra surface area means more float from a short board.

POW WOW (2015) – WTX camber profile features early rise rocker in the nose with a camber tail. A shortened side cut with a mellow radius starting from the tip and ending at a shortened sidecut makes for consistent stability and more surface area for float.

Women's Snowboards


CLOVIS  (NEW! 2017) – This is Arbor’s new Camber System gun that’s designed for massive mountain lines. It features an arrowhead tip for exceptional float in the powder and a double barrel core with tip to tail bamboo for big mountain strength and performance.

CADENCE (2016) -True twin with a medium-soft flex, this reverse camber board is freestyle oriented but it’s far from a one-trick pony. The Cadence can stand up to any terrain situation the day calls for.

SWOON (2015-2016) – A rocker board designed for women who take on big mountains, the Swoon is a free-riding wonder that’s made to provide easy performance, reliability, control and confidence when riding the full range of terrain.

SWOON ROCKER (NEW! 2017) – The Swoon Rocker is a great versatile ride that is stable and responsive, yet has amazing float in powder. It is a mountain twin shape with medium flex. The ride will have a surfy feel with natural float and clean tracking.


DAY TRADER (NEW! 2017) – This is a directional board with a tapered shape that will easily explore off-piste with its early rise which gives a rocker, floaty feel. It’s balanced out with a directional flat top profiling that enhances stability and control on groomers. The directional flex in this board will increase pop in the tail and control through the nose.

DEJA-VU (NEW! 2016) – From peaks to parks, this is the board for it. Rocker and camber combine for float in powder and liveliness in tight spaces. Lengthened contact points add to the float factor as well.

FEELGOOD FLYING-V™ (2014, 2016) – Directional shape with a twin flex, this is the classic women’s board for the female shredder trying it all and seeing the potential in every natural feature on the hill.

LIP-STICK (2014, 2017) – From peak to park, this is one board to rule them all with the forgiving rocker freedom of Flat Top™ and Frostbite™ to keep you stable even in hard-park. With this deck, there are good times ahead.


WOMEN’S FLAGSHIP (2015) – The women’s Flagship, this board is for you if you ride faster and more aggressive than your crew of boys.

TWIN SISTER (2014, 2016) – The women’s Mountain Twin, this board is more forgiving than the Mothership but still more than capable of charging with speed. It allows for mixing in some playfulness with the Camrock™ camber profile.


GOLD (2014) – Powerful flex, rocker between the feet with camber in the tip and tail, this award winning design lets you charge a groomer, float pillows and dip into the park with style. Enough grip to hold tight on edge, the Gold can make it all happen.

LO-FI (2014) – Flat base with rockered tip and tail means fun and playful without sacrificing stability. Power is delivered through the core with PressurePop™ that directs the energy to your ollies. This board won’t make you choose between the park or powder.


TORAH BRIGHT (2016) – Eco-conscious construction, this board may have been produced to be easy on the environment but the terrain you choose won’t be so lucky. XC2 provides shortened rocker between the feet to lengthened and more aggressive camber underfoot. This board is ready to jump and drop cliffs.

RADIANCE (2015) – This true twin with C2 is the definition of technical freestyle, fun freeride. Magnetraction™ seals your edge to the side of a steep face while carving.

BANANA SMOOTHIE (2014, 2016) – All-mountain awesome, whether it’s steep, deep or trees, this board flies down chutes, cuts through crud and carves the iciest conditions with ease. True with EC2 technology makes it all happen with Mellow Magnetraction™ cutting down on drag without sacrificing edge hold.

OLLIE POP (2014) – C2 with a lightweight Envi alloy core and Magnetraction™ for confident grip, you have just what you need to shut it down in the park, although this board is equally comfortable staring down a steep face.

TORAH T-BIRD (2014) – A fun playful board that slays powder, handles hard-pack, works rails and boxes with ease and exudes liveliness run after run. Gold medalist Torah Bright teamed up with the Mervin Product and Engineering team to design an all-mountain board that’s still progression-friendly.


FAWESYM (2016) – A true twin all mountain destroyer that’s identical from tip to tail but with asymmetrical sidecut for compensate for your body’s differences from front to back.

VIXEN LTD. (2016) – Identical to the standard vixen but with a dreamy graphic offered in limited supply to select retailers only.

VIXEN (2015) – The premium all-mountain freestyle board for ladies, we have a true twin flex and shape with Clash rocker to deliver powerful response and catch free float.

PYT (2014) – More than just a pretty face; this board works for the streets and the slopes. A narrow waist with a flat profile makes for more control, Blunt Tips with Skate Kicks ensure float when needed and catch free riding. The Pretty Young Thing is for girls who know riding well doesn’t mean you have to look like a dude.

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