Summertime is a Fun Time in Lake Tahoe!

Just because the snow has melted and the (most of the) resorts are closed for skiing and riding, does not mean that there isn’t anything to do in Tahoe!  The lake warms up, the mountains thaw and the sun is shining!  Get up here and enjoy Tahoe in the summer, it is amazing!

Here are a list of things to do in all the other seasons besides winter!

Summer Music Line-Up!


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Commons Beach in Tahoe City
Sundays | 4-7pm


The Village at Palisades Tahoe
Tuesdays | 6-8:30pm
(We are not official sponsors, but we are BIG fans!)



“Salty” Gebhardt Amphitheater at the Truckee Regional Park
Wednesdays | 6:30-8:30pm



Historic Downtown Truckee
Thursdays | 5-8:30pm



Kings Beach State Recreation Area
Fridays | 6-8:30pm

Getting out on the water!

Tahoe offers a variety of aquatic activities to suit a variety of skill levels and ages.  Whether you want to get out there to get a great workout, sit back and relax, or want to speed it up and feel the mountain air strong against your face, there are many ways to enjoy the remarkable views and refreshing water.


This new craze hit Tahoe a few years back and has become an extremely popular way to see the lake. Paddleboarding offers a variety of perks, one being a full body workout, focusing on your balance and your core muscles (yup, that means your belly)!  Also, since you are standing above the water, it offers a new perspective down into the lake’s floor.  Make sure you bring or wear a Personal Flotation Device because the Coast Guard is now requiring one to be on the vessel at all times!  Check out our buds over at TAHOE PADDLE & OAR for all your rental needs!


Whether it is a quick afternoon paddle or a multi-day trip, kayaking and canoeing is a wonderful way to experience the lake.  If you have the time and the strength, circumnavigating the lake over several days is a great idea.  Visit for a map or visit your local shop for information on rentals and recommended areas.  Check out our buds over at TAHOE PADDLE & OAR for all your rental needs.


This eco-friendly activity allows you to glide across the Alpine waters fueled simply by the wind.  You can rent your own vessel or hop on a sailing charter.  Hint: winds generally pick up later in the afternoon, so plan your sail accordingly!


Since Tahoe has such clean and clear waters, taking a mask under water will offer endless views.  A great place to try this out would be Sand Harbor, with it’s own mini bay geared towards divers and snorkelers.  Make sure to visit a local shop for recommended sites and safety information.


This activity is a great way to get around quickly on the water.  Go and find a secluded beach or dock up at one of the local lakefront restaurants for a bite to eat.  Make sure you are up to date on safe boating information, laws and regulations before you get behind the wheel.


These water sports offer an amazing workout and a refreshing lake dip, or fall!  Make sure you go when the wind in minimal and/or find a protected bay, otherwise you will be in for a bumpy surprise.  Hint: It is best to go early in the morning before the afternoon winds pick up.  Have an experienced driver and be up to date on the safety rules and regulations.


Experience Lake Tahoe and its mountains from a birds-eye view!  No other outdoor activity will offer you this perspective with flights that go up to 1400 feet above the lake.  The North Shore offers some of the best views and all companies have experienced captains and crew to make sure it is a fun and safe experience.


Also known as a Personal Watercraft, you can enjoy the view and Lake Tahoe’s shoreline while quickly zipping around the beautiful water.  Jet Skis can fit 1-3 people, depending on the watercraft, making it a great activity for friends and family to explore our shore.  There are numerous places to rent, so have fun and always make sure you are practicing safe boating.


The Truckee River offers a variety of experiences to suit your mood.  A relaxing self-guided tour lasts a total of 2-3 hours starting in Tahoe City and ending at the River Ranch at the entrance of Alpine Meadows.  With numerous water holes and beaches to swim, cool off, sunbathe, snack and rehydrate.  Also, there are outfitters that will take you down to the lower sections of the river for the adrenaline junkies who want a faster white-water rafting experience.

What about the mountains?

“Those who love the mountains must be the ones that protect them”


Whether you’re hiking up to find the last of the snow to shred down, or you’re looking to get your boots broken in for the summer, there are tons of places to hike in Tahoe.  Pick up a book with local trail maps which outline the best routes for different skill levels to take, and make it a mission to experience as many trails as you can.  Always remember – traveling with a buddy is always the safest approch, especially one who knows the way!


Get your tents ready, because with the days getting longer and the temperatures warming up, spring is an amazing time to try out your camping skills.  Tahoe offers some of the best camping around, whether it be on the lake or back in the forrest, you are bound to have a great time.  Just be sure to know where you are going, have a buddy, and visit your local outdoors store for more details!


Whether you are grabbing a cruiser and leisurely strolling the lake and river trails or you are taking out your mountain bike for an intense downhill adventure, fall is a great time to get out there.  Take the time to visit a local bike shop to get your gear ready to go, and get the best in local knowledge of the trails.  Many shops also rent bikes and offer tours as well, a great way to get to know the mountains and improve your skills at the same time!  Check out our buds in Tahoe City, OLYMPIC BIKE SHOP.


Try out this great way to get outdoors, be active, and enjoy the fresh mountain air.  Often free of costs, (aside from acquiring a few specialized discs), Disc Golf is a sport that can be played by anyone, regardless of your age or skill level. The sport is played similar to traditional golf, yet instead of swinging your club at a ball towards a hole, you are using your arm to throw a disc towards an elevated basket. Our North Lake course is called Lake of the Sky in= Tahoe Vista.  Tucked into the forest hillsides of the North Tahoe Regional Park, this 18-hole course will not disappoint.  Known for quality equipment and upkeep, the small $3 parking fee for non-residents is well worth it.  FYI: Tahoe Dave’s sells Discs, so come on it and check them OUT!


There are many streams and rivers to go fishing in around Tahoe.  Wild trout is the most common fish that you can reel in.  Fishing is a great way to explore and connect with the water and wildlife, and you don’t have to take the fish home to get that feeling – remember it’s great to catch and release.  Help respect and preserve our waterways while you are out there, and keep our resources there for generations to come while you enjoy the thrill of the catch!