2020 Demo Skis

Demo skis are available specific to our five locations – noted after the name with TC (Tahoe City), TR (Truckee Downtown), TW (Truckee West), SV (Squaw Valley) and KB (Kings Beach).  Demo ski rentals are based upon availability and they are on a first come first serve basis! 


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VANTAGE 107 TI (137-107-124) 18.4m@180 (TC,TR,SV,TW) Wood/Metal.  Light enough to double as a touring ski, but with the performance you demand both on and off piste, the Vantage 107 Ti uses Titanium Tank Mesh to keep the power level up without creating excess weight and contoured tips to give you a floatier, surfier feel in powder.

VANTAGE 97 TI (131.5-97-120.5) 19.1m@180 (TC,TR,SV) Wood/Metal. The Vantage 97 Ti features construction that delivers a ski that is loaded with power that feels light on your feet. Titanium reinforces the ski in strategic areas of the ski that improves the edge grip when conditions get firm. The wood core provides an extra spring to enhance the rebound to quickly manipulate the ski into any turn shape with ease.



COCHISE (136-108-122) 27m@185 (TC,SV) Wood/Metal/Carbon. With a shape featuring a slight taper in the tip and tail you can knife GS turns, burrow into powder, and throw them sideways to control speed—the Cochise responds in all conditions and handles all turn shapes. At 108 underfoot with a rocker-camber-rocker design, it does everything from floating in soft snow, crushing crud, and ripping groomers.

BONAFIDE (133-98-118) 21m@180 (ALL) Wood/Metal/Carbon. The Bonafide features a shape that makes it more versatile than ever. The deeper sidecut and updated rocker profile make them easier to ski, while the proven Carbon Flipcore with two sheets of metal makes them calm, confident and powerful. Attack the mountain in powder, crud, groomers or rock hard snow.

BRAHMA 88 (127-88-111) 17m@180 (ALL) Wood/Metal/Carbon. At 88mm underfoot, the Brahma is a narrower version of the award-winning Bonafide, and it makes those tooth-rattling hard-snow days fun. Improved by a deeper sidecut and reduced rocker at the tip and tail. Have fun carving turns on ice and dancing through moguls.

BRAHMA 82 (121-82-105) 19m@180. (KB) Wood/Metal/Carbon. The new Brahma 82 slots in just below the 88 mm ski in a new, more hard snow-specific width. The power and stability you’re used to are all still there, but the new narrower width goes from edge to edge just that much quicker.

RUSTLER 11 (139-112-129) 19m@180 (ALL) Wood/Carbon/Metal. Partial titanal construction gives them something that is hard to find these days – a playful and forgiving ski that still allows them to shred with confidence and power. More float and more fun on any terrain, in any conditions.

RUSTLER 10 (133-102-122.5) 17.5m@180 (TC,TR) Wood/Carbon/Metal. Partial titanal construction allows the skis to be playful, forgiving and versatile, with ultimate stability underfoot, letting today’s freeride skier play with the terrain and

snow any way they want.

RUSTLER 9 (127.5-92-117) 17m@180 (TC,TR) Wood/Carbon/Metal. The Rustler 9 is precise and maneuverable, which makes it fun in tight terrain like trees and moguls. The ski’s versatility across a lot of different types of terrain and snow conditions is what makes it a performer.



ATRIS (138-108-125) 20m@178 (ALL) Wood core. With a preference for speed and big mountain terrain, the Atris features a stiff and consistent flex that pairs with a rocker/camber/rocker profile to deliver versatile performance both on and off-piste.

CAMOX (130-97-118) 20m@180 (TC,TR) Wood core. With Double rocker for maneuverability, a versatile 20m turn radius for stability at high speed, and classic camber underfoot with moderate ski/snow contact, this all-mountain weapon has all the attributes to make it comfortable and friendly.



KORE 105 (135-105-125) 17.8m@180 (TC,TR,SV,TW) Wood/Graphene/Carbon. These skis were designed to be lightweight and offer great stability, smoothness, and float in deeper snow. The Kore 105 is a ski that is appropriate for a wide range of skiers thanks to the lightweight construction of super-light Karuba wood, Graphene, Koroyd, and carbon fiber.

KORE 99 (134-99-120) 17m@180 (TC,TR,SV,TW) Wood/Graphene/Carbon. Introducing the Kore 99, which slots nicely between the 93 and 105. Same construction, same advanced lightweight materials, and the same performance as it’s brethren. Quite possibly the most versatile in the Kore series. Take these anywhere on any given day and enjoy the smooth ride!

KORE 93 (133-93-115) 16.4m@180 (ALL)Wood/Graphene/Carbon. The Kore 93 are incredibly lightweight, nimble and versatile due to their unique use of Graphene and Koroyd and tight turn radius. Skiers looking for something lighter that still feels stable, look no further!



MINDBENDER 116C (143-116-133) 22.9m@186 (TC,SV) Wood/Carbon. The Mindbender 116c is the powder ski meant to charge it all. Built with Carbon Spectral Braid, this surprisingly lightweight deep powder ski can run with the best in the powder category. It’s the ultimate big-mountain powder ski that won’t let you down on the harder stuff.

MINDBENDER 108 TI (136-108-125) 22.9m@186 (TC,TR,SV) Wood/Metal. From deep pow to the chalky steeps, this beast is the big mountain charger you’ve been waiting for. Toss in a longer turn radius and even flex, and you’ll be wondering why it took you so long to hop on board.

MINDBENDER 99 TI (138-99-123) 18.5m@184 (ALL) Wood/Metal. You might be surprised to hear that the Mindbender 99ti only clocks in at 99 underfoot – it hits above its weight. Toss in the Titanium Y-Beam and you’ll be wondering where the speed limit on this thing really is. It’s the kind of ski you drop in the back of your car and take with you wherever you go.

MINDBENDER 90 TI (127-90-114) 17.9m@177 (ALL) Wood/Metal. This 90mm waisted ski is built to get you on edge and keep you there through groomed snow, ice, and spring slush. The powerful construction is designed to provide stability at high speeds while it transfers power straight to your edges.

MINDBENDER 90C (127-90-113) 17.5m@177 (TC,TR) Wood/Carbon. The Mindbender 90C skis are a great choice for intermediate and advanced skiers who are looking for a light all-mountain ski for pretty much any and all conditions and terrain. This is a versatile ski with the ability to carve and float over a variety of situations.



SIR FRANCIS BACON (135-104-131) 17.4m@184 (TC,TR,SV) Wood core. For the skier whose playground is the entire mountain. It strikes a perfect balance between fun, float & grip. Early Rise design keeps you floating in powder forwards & backwards with a nice springy tip & tail for big ollies and smooth butters.



ENFORCER 110 (140-110-129) 16.5m@177 (ALL) Wood/Metal. Designed to cater to soft snow, the Enforcer 110 is as powerful as it is playful. Metal and carbon design enhance response and dampens vibrations for an especially smooth ride. And to blast through crud and offer additional floatation, it sports a high-rise tip and tail rocker.

ENFORCER 100 (133-100-121) 18.5m@185. (ALL) Wood/Metal. For a ride that’s smooth and stable, it pairs a full wood core with two sheets of metal. In addition to dampening vibrations, this enhances stability and response. And for greater floatation in soft snow and to boost confidence in variable conditions, it features early rise tip and tail rocker with traditional camber under foot. Smooth, powerful, and playful, the Enforcer 100 is up for anything.

ENFORCER 93 (126-93-114) 16.5m@177. (ALL) Wood/Metal. Equipped with a narrower waist, the Enforcer 93 loves to be on edge. No wonder it’s a favorite among skiers who spend most of their time on trails. A full wood core sandwiched between two sheets of metal offers exceptional stability and response and dampens vibrations for an especially smooth ride. It also provides exceptional edge hold to inspire confidence and lay down powerful and precise turns. And to readily absorb bumps and offer floatation in soft snow, it sports early rise tip and tail rocker.

ENFORCER 88 (121-88-109) 15.5@172 (ALL) Wood/Metal. Powerful and precise, the Enforcer 88 yearns to turn. Skiers who spend most of their time on trails love its stability and penchant for speed. Armed with a narrower waist, it pairs a full wood core with two sheets of metal and carbon stringers that run the length of the ski. A quicker, more precise Enforcer built for the groomers!

ENFORCER FREE 104 (134-104-123) 17.5m@172 (TC) Wood/Metal. The Enforcer 104 Free pairs a balsa wood core with carbon and two sheets of metal to maximize stability and response. This dampens vibrations for an especially smooth ride. And for exceptional floatation in powder and easy steering through variable conditions, it features a high rise tip and tail rocker. Powerful and poppy, it’s at home everywhere and anywhere.



SOUL 7 HD (136-106-126) 18m@180. (ALL) Wood/carbon. The most innovative, popular, and playful freeride ski in the world, the SOUL 7 HD has been designed for even more instinctive versatility and progressive freeride performance. Featuring Air Tip and Carbon Alloy Matrix technologies, at 106mm underfoot, it’s lighter and more powerful, with the uncompromising versatility to go wherever the snow takes you.

SKY 7 HD (128-98-118) 18m@180. (TC,TR) Wood/carbon. The ultimate fusion of lightweight agility and freeride versatility, the SKY 7 HD has been designed for uncompromising free skiing performance. Whether skiing the resort or backcountry touring, the 98mm waist combined with new Air Tip and Carbon Alloy Matrix provides a progressive, lightweight blend of stability, floatation, and edge grip to go wherever the snow takes you.

EXPERIENCE 94 TI (132-94-122) 19m@187 (TC,TR,SV) Wood/Metal. The new re-design of the Experience series has a brand-new shape and rocker profile that makes it easier to ski in deep and variable snow. The new E94 has more taper in the tip and tail which allows it to drift and smear turns without any loss in carving performance.

EXPERIENCE 88 TI (127-88-117) 16m@180 (ALL) Wood/Metal. Identical construction and flex as the new E94, but with a narrower waist width for more time on the frontside of the mountain.



QST 92 (130-92-113) 17m@177. (TC,TR) Wood core. Sporting a healthy dose of versatile tip rocker and a power platform, you’ll be busting through crud, lacing zipper lines, and arcing turns on the groomers like a champ.



DEACON 84 (132-84-115) 16.9m@177 (TC,TR,KB,TW) Wood/Metal. The Deacon 84 replaces the well-loved RTM 84. The integrated Titanal Frame delivers power, stability, torsional stiffness, improved edge grip and better liveliness. The new 3D radius concept eases the carving performance. The ideal on-piste carver for changing snow conditions.

MANTRA M5 (134-96-117) 19.8m@177. (ALL) Wood/Titanium/Carbon. If you were looking for the one ski that you can take everywhere, the Mantra has always been amongst the chosen few. A complete re-design of the ski adds carbon tips, titanal frame and full sidewall. The new dimensions are built around a multi-layer wood core and feature a moderate taper tip & tail rocker, allowing it to be skied in a playful way or with full force whenever needed.

KENDO 88 (128-88-111) 18.6m@177 (ALL) Wood/Titanium /Carbon.  Lighter, still stable at speed, and somewhat less demanding than the previous version, the new Kendo 88 is a winner that will appeal to all but hardcore ex-racer types.

KANJO (123-84-104) 17.6m@168 (TC,TR) Wood/Partial Titanium. The Kanjo is an easy handling ski featuring an 84mm waist along with the Titanal Band construction. It also features tip and tail rocker, full sidewall construction, and moderate taper in the tip. This combination of technologies creates a lively yet stable feel for cruising the front side blended with smooth, buttery turns on the occasional trip off-piste.

MANTRA 102 (140-102-123) 20.1m@177 (TC) Wood/Metal. The new Mantra 102 with tip & tail rocker is a true power freerider. The titanal frame combined with carbon tips not only provides stability and dampening effects but also great liveliness. The 3D radius concept allows a sidecut geometry which perfectly suits the rocker construction.



VANTAGE 90 TI W (124.5-90-111) 16.5m@161 (TC) Wood/Metal. The Vantage 90 TI W is the sweet spot for female all-mountain skiers who still spend most of their time on-piste. The versatile ski still has plenty of width to handle a range of off-piste conditions, with a narrow enough shape to offer all the control and precision you need on piste.



ATRIS BIRDIE (136-108-122) 20m@160 (TC,TR,KB,SV) Wood core. Lighter and a little softer, the Atris Birdie is the favorite choice of women freeriders who want skis that perform under variable conditions, on both hard and soft snow.

CAMOX BIRDIE (120-97-109) 18m@165 (TC,TR) Wood/Carbon/Kevlar. Softer at the tip and tail for soft snow performance, with stiffness underfoot for grip and stability, this midfat strikes a perfect balance for ultimate versatility.



BLACK PEARL 98 (131-98-116) 19m@173 (ALL) Wood/Carbon. Designed for females who ski everywhere, the Black Pearl 98 is a lightweight powder ski with a 98mm waist. It’s the perfect setup for the woman in search of a wider ski that boasts unparalleled versatility. Featuring a rockered tip and camber underfoot that flows into an early rise tail, it’s a stable ski that floats in powder, blows through crud, and grips on groomers.

BLACK PEARL 88 (126-88-110) 18m@173 (ALL) Wood/Carbon. At 88mm underfoot, and with a women’s specific construction, the Black Pearl 88 performs on groomers, in the trees, through bumps and in powder. Its lightweight construction, early rise tip and tail, and camber underfoot make this ski a go-to for ripping female skiers as well as those looking for the confidence.

BLACK PEARL 82 (119-82-103) 13.5m@152 (TC,KB) Wood/Carbon. Versatility, quickness and edge grip are the hallmarks of the new 82 and makes them the go to ski on days when the cold temps and dry spells make for firm snow conditions. At 82mm underfoot, these let you rip bumps, dodge through trees or carve the groomers with ease.

BLACK PEARL 78 (115-78-100) 15m@156 (TC, KB) Wood/Carbon. Nimble, lively and stable, the Black Pearl 78 is the narrowest ski in the Black Pearl collection. With a 78 mm waist and a women’s specific construction, the Black Pearl 78 offers a responsive and stable ride with performance that belies its lightness.

SHEEVA 11 (139-112-129) 16m@164 (TC,TR,KB,TW) Wood/Metal. The construction combined with the ski’s 112 mm waist width and rockered tips and tails give it awesome performance in soft snow and off-piste terrain. It’s exceptionally easy to throw side to side thanks to the light swing weight and rocker profile.

SHEEVA 10 (131.5-102-121.5) 14.5m@164 (TC) Wood/Carbon. From pow to packed pow and anything in between, this ski will make any turn shape at any speed in any terrain effortless.

SHEEVA 9 (124-92-114) 14m@164 (TC,TRW)  Wood/Metal. The 92mm underfoot means that the Sheeva 9 wants to venture off the beaten track and explore the mountain, but also offers performance on-piste.  Poppy and playful, yet still with great stability and power underfoot, it’s the perfect combination for all-mountain women skiers.



TOTAL JOY (132-85-112) 13.6m@163 (TC,TR,KB) Wood/Graphene core. Light in weight but packed with performance, the Total Joy is an all-mountain goddess of stoke for confident, advanced to expert female skiers. Thanks to its construction and the all-terrain qualities of Allride Rocker, the ski is extremely light, yet stable, with impressive balance and control.

KORE 99 W (129-95-115) 13.2m@162 (TC,TR) Wood/Grapene/Koroyd core. The Karuba wood core with Koroyd and carbon layers and graphene in the tips and tails give it incredible precision for on-piste skiing. However, at 99 mm underfoot, it’s a damp, solid, and ultralight platform that will float through powder on storm days.

KORE 93 W (127-89-110) 14m@162 (ALL) Wood/Grapene/Koroyd core.  A frontside ski that balances precise turning and stability as well as any ski in the category. The Kore 93 W feature a light wood core for nimbleness and responsiveness. A perfect choice for the woman who spends the majority of her time on-piste but doesn’t hesitate to head to the trees or off-piste when conditions are good.



MINDBENDER 106C W (139-106-124) 15m@167 (TC,TR) Wood/Carbon. For the demanding skier, the K2 Mindbender 106c offers performance beyond belief. Featuring a quick edge-to-edge feel thanks to the lightweight core, the 106 offers a nimble feel in the variable snow. But when things get deep, lean in and hold on tight; you’ll be in for a sweet ride.

MINDBENDER 98 TI W (134-98-120) 15.6@168 (TC,TR) Wood/Caron/Metal. Every day. That’s when you’ll want to ride the all-new Mindbender 98ti Alliance. Damp in chop but energized at the top of the turn, the Mindbender 98ti will change your opinion of sub-100 freeride skis. Take it in the pow, put it in the slush – whatever, whenever. The 98ti Alliance is the only ski you need.

MINDBENDER 88 TI W (125-88-112) 14.7m@163. (TC,TR) Wood/Carbon/Metal. Nimble where you need it, but damp when things get rowdy, the Mindbender 88ti Alliance offers the precision and grip you’ve been searching for in that everyday skiing experience.

MINDBENDER 90C W (127-90-113) 14.5m@163. (TC,TR) Wood/Carbon. When you need something that’s easy to bend but stands up to full-on charging, the K2 Mindbender 90c Alliance is the best option. These energized skis harness the Carbon Spectral Braid in a lightweight package to keep you going lap after lap.

MINDBENDER 115C (140-115-129) 20.4m@172 (TC) Carbon/Wood. For soft snow and powder skiing, this is ideal, as the construction makes the skis snappy, fun, quick, and stable. This thing takes to the pillows, deep pow, and even the hardpack – and looks darn good doing it.



SANTA ANA 100 (131-100-119) 13.5m@161. (TC,TR,SV) Wood/Metal. Some skis truly do it all. Thanks to a balsa wood core with carbon sandwiched between two sheets of metal, it offers a ride that’s especially smooth and stable. Simply put, the Santa Ana offers a modern design that allows you to ski how you want—where you want. Whether ducking in the trees on a powder day or skiing groomers, the Santa Ana 100 is up for anything.

SANTA ANA 93 (124-93-112) 13.5m@161. (ALL) Wood/Metal. The Santa Ana 93 is at home anywhere on the mountain. It loves making fluid turns on groomers—yet it can still make you smile on a powder day. And because its 93mm waist offers exceptional versatility, it’s the perfect daily driver for women looking to explore the entire mountain.

SANTA ANA 88 (118.5-88-106.5) 14m@158 (ALL) Wood/Metal. Powerful, playful, and precise, the Santa Ana 88 provides a whole new way to experience the mountains. Equipped with a narrower waist, it pairs a balsa wood core with two sheets of metal and carbon, which dampens vibrations for an especially smooth ride. Its early rise tip and tail rocker profile enhances versatility, offering flotation in softer snow and the ability to readily absorb bumps.



SOUL 7 HD W (136-104-126) 16m@164 (ALL) Wood/carbon. The most innovative, popular, and playful women’s freeride ski in the world, the SOUL 7 HD W has been designed for instinctive versatility and progressive freeride performance. Featuring Air Tip and Carbon Alloy Matrix technologies, at 104mm underfoot, it’s lighter, and more powerful, with the uncompromising versatility to go wherever the snow takes you.



100 EIGHT W (141-108-124) 16.7m@165. (TC,TR,SV,TW) Wood core. Full Rocker, Early Taper, and a smooth radius combine for a smooth, playful ride in a variety of conditions, from deep powder to groomers (although it favors the former). The ski offers a lightweight, lively feel, a versatile shape, and flat tail.

SECRET (130-92-113) 14.2m@156 (ALL) Wood/Metal/Carbon.  With titanal frame, carbon tips and full sidewall, the Secret possesses a highly reactive tip & tail rocker ski with moderate taper, multi-layer wood core. This replacement to the Aura is the ideal choice for women who love to ride hard on the slopes and smooth in deep powder.

KENJA 88 (129-88-111) 15m@163 (ALL) Wood/Metal/Carbon. The Kenja 88 is built with a Titanal Frame and Carbon Tips, providing more stability and dampening. At the same time the middle section of the ski becomes stronger and allows a softer setup. As a result, the ski becomes extremely lively and as well as stable even at highest speeds.

YUMI (123-84-104) 14.6m@154. (ALL) Wood/Partial Titanium. The strength of the Yumi has always been the huge range of skiers’ abilities who could enjoy it. The lively, yet stable feel on the front side blended with the float and maneuverability for an occasional off piste ramble make it yet another winner.

SECRET 102 (140-102-123) 16.3m@163 (TC) Wood/Metal. The Secret 102 smashes anything in its way, and it’s nimble enough for tree runs and powder stashes as well. Built with Titanal Frame technology and a 3D radius sidecut, which allows the skis to make any turn shape, these skis are made to be skied by aggressive skiers.


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