2022-23 Demo Skis

Demo skis are available specific to our five locations – noted after the name with TC (Tahoe City), TR (Truckee Downtown), TW (Truckee West), OV (Olympic Valley) and KB (Kings Beach). Demo ski rentals are based upon availability and they are on a first come first serve basis!


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BENT CHETLER 100 (129.5-100-120) 19.5m@180 (TC,TR,OV,TW) Wood Core. The directional shape of the Bent Chetler 100 features HRZN Tech in the tip and tail for increased surface area and float, a light wood core and generous Powder Rocker for slashing and slarving the entire mountain. Whether its fresh snow, deep untracked, or hard variable conditions, the ski magazines have praised the Atomic Bent Chetler 100 as a ‘hero ski’.

MAVERICK 95 TI (129-94.5-113) 19.3m@180 (TC,TR) Wood/Metal. Smooth and intuitive, the Maverick 95 Ti provides the ultimate balance of stiffness and flex. Constructed with precision milled poplar wood, titanium, lightweight fiberglass and carbon inserts, it delivers lightweight and energetic performance. Blending the perfect amount of rocker with camber for maximum effective edge contact during the turn, it’s a ski that hooks up on hardpack as well as floats in fresh snow.



BONAFIDE (136.5-97-118.5) 17m@177 (TC) Wood/Metal/Carbon. The recently re-designed Bonafide was made to attack the mountain with grace and precision. From crushing through crud, to laying it down on hard pack, to navigating your way through untouched pow in the trees, they’re the ultimate all-conditions daily driver for committed skiers.

RUSTLER 10 (133-102-122.5) 17.5m@180 (ALL) Wood/Metal/Carbon. The Rustler 10 is stable, yet nimble, so you can approach lines with confidence. The smooth rocker-camber-rocker profile make it responsive and stable, yet super playful in softer snow and on any type of terrain. The Rustler 10 is the one-ski quiver for the progressive freeride skier.

RUSTLER 9 (127.5-94-117) 17m@180 (ALL) Wood/Carbon/Metal. The narrowest of the Rustler series, the Rustler 9 is a freeride ski that doesn’t require a big powder day to do its job. Responsive and stable, yet super playful in softer snow and on any type of terrain. From arcing turns on corduroy to transitioning through variable terrain, the Rustler 9 is a do-it-all master in the freeride category.



M-FREE 99 (128-99-120) 17m@179 (TC) Hybrid/Wood core. Fans of fast-paced descents, kick turns between trees and wild sessions beside the piste can now find their perfect ski. The Hybrid Core technology combines Poplar, a natural high-performance material offering an excellent balance of rigidity and responsiveness, with P.U. for suppleness and dampening.

M-PRO 90 (120-90-110) 18m@178 (TC) Wood/Metal. Boasting impeccable grip, this accessible and light ski offers an optimum response in all situations. Designed for wide open spaces and all kinds of snow, the M-PRO 90 is your best friend for the winter season.



RIPSTICK 96 (136-96-110) 18m@180 (TC) Wood/Carbon. Praised by magazine testers and professional skiers alike for it’s unique blend of lightweight performance, the Ripstick 96 is proven to be the ultimate freeride ski in all snow conditions. It is a true freeride ski that doubles as an all-mountain ski for those who want ultimate versatility on the mountain.



RANGER 96 (126-96-119) 18m@180 (TC) Wood/Ti. A true all-around talent for having a blast in every turn. The Ranger 96 offers maximum versatility with a blend of stability, agility, and power. Piste or powder, good or bad weather, any kind of snow: The Ranger 96 is ready for every sort of all-mountain adventure. Its optimally balanced construction lets it handle any type of terrain.



KORE 105 (132-103-123) 16.5m@177 (TC) Wood/Graphene/Carbon. The new KORE construction reduces weight without sacrificing performance, thanks to a combination of Graphene, Karuba wood and multiple layers of carbon. The sandwich sidewall construction adds responsiveness on hardpack snow and tip and tail rocker provides flotation for deep powder days.

KORE 99 (134-99-120) 17m@180 (TC,TR,OV) Wood/Graphene/Carbon. Introducing the Kore 99, which slots nicely between the 93 and 105. Same construction, same advanced lightweight materials, and the same performance as it’s brethren. Quite possibly the most versatile in the Kore series. Take these anywhere on any given day and enjoy the smooth ride! KORE 93 (133-93-115) 16.4m@180 (ALL) Wood/Graphene/Carbon. The Kore 93 is incredibly lightweight, nimble and versatile due to it’s unique use of Graphene and Koroyd, and the utilization of a tight turn radius. Skiers looking for something lighter that still feels stable, look no further!



RECKONER 102 (134-102–127) 19.3m@184 (TC,TR) Wood/Carbon/Glass. From the powder to the park and everywhere in between, the Reckoner 102 delivers the same versatility and playfulness thanks to its heavy freestyle influence. This playful twin-tip is at home whipping cork threes off cat tracks, pivoting through tight east coast trees, or hunting for side hits on the groomers.

MINDBENDER 99 TI (138-99-123) 18.5m@184 (ALL) Wood/Metal. You might be surprised to hear that the Mindbender 99 Ti only clocks in at 99 underfoot, as it hits above its weight. Toss in the Titanium Y-Beam and you’ll be wondering where the speed limit on this thing really is. It’s the kind of ski you drop in the back of your car and take with you wherever you go.

MINDBENDER 89 TI (130-89–114) 15.4m@176 (KB) Wood/Metal. When soft snow is in short supply, turn to the K2 Mindbender 89 Ti men’s freeride ski. Although it’s built with the same Titanal Y-Beam construction and All-Terrain Rocker profile as its other metal-reinforced siblings, the 89 Ti stands apart thanks to it’s nimbleness and precise edge hold.

MINDBENDER 90C (127-90–113) 17.5m@177 (KB) Wood/Carbon/Glass. Harnessing the same Spectral Braid technology featured in some of its wider brethren, the Mindbender 90C offers precise torsional rigidity with a high-energy vibe. Ideal for lighter skiers or those who don’t need the stability and stiffness of a metal laminate ski, the Mindbender 90Cs will deliver a fun, lively ride.

POACHER (124-96–118) 19m@184 (KB) Wood/Carbon/Glass. A favorite among athletes at major contests, this park ski is burly enough to dominate even the heaviest of late-night street sessions. Built with our Carbon Boost construction and a Fir/Aspen wood core, these skis deliver tons of pop off the lip and the stability you need to stomp those deep landings.



UNLEASHED 108 (140.5-108-129.5) 19m@180 (TC,OV,TRW) Wood/Metal/Carbon. Built for the modern freeskier, it loves deep days and big terrain. Yet this daily driver is also at home in the trees and bumps thanks to a rocker profile that offers exceptional versatility. Playful and powerful, the Unleashed 108 transforms the entire mountain into your canvas.

UNLEASHED 98 (138-98-122) 18.1m@180 (ALL) Wood/Metal/Carbon. Whether slashing pow, ripping bumps, or snaking through the trees, the Unleashed 98 is at home anywhere. Its rocker profile easily handles any terrain and all conditions. For exceptional response and plenty of pop, it features traditional camber underfoot. Its early rise tip and tail provide floatation on deep days and are at home buttering around the mountain. The Unleashed 98 offers tremendous versatility, making it the perfect daily driver.

ENFORCER 104 FREE (134.5-104-129) 16.5m@177 (TC,TR,OV,TRW) Wood/Metal. The Enforcer 104 Free pairs a balsa wood core with carbon and two sheets of metal to maximize stability, response, and smoothness. And for exceptional floatation in powder and easy steering through variable conditions, it features a high-rise tip and tail rocker. Powerful and poppy, it is at home everywhere and anywhere.

ENFORCER 100 (132.5-100-120.5) 17.3m@179 (ALL) Wood/Metal. Thanks to a new construction and an upgraded tip design, this best-selling ski offers a more playful feel and even greater versatility. It pairs an all-new carbon chassis with a new core profile and two sheets of metal. Smoother and more playful than ever, the new Enforcer 100 redefines what an all-mountain ski can do.

ENFORCER 94 (127-94-115.5) 17.1m@169 (ALL) Wood/Metal. Thanks to its new construction and rocker-camber blend, it offers exceptional versatility, providing a forgiving ride at low speeds and unrivaled performance when it’s time to hold nothing back. The new carbon chassis coupled with a full wood core sandwiched between two sheets of metal deliver tremendous stability, response and a damp feel for an especially smooth ride.

ENFORCER 88 (121-88-109) 15.5@172 (TC,OV,TRW) Wood/Metal. Powerful and precise, the Enforcer 88 yearns to turn. Skiers who spend most of their time on trails love its stability and penchant for speed. Armed with a narrower waist, it pairs a full wood core with two sheets of metal and carbon stringers that run the length of the ski. A quicker, more precise Enforcer built for the front side!



BLACK OPS SENDER 104TI (138-104-128) 18m@178 (TC) Wood/Metal. Fresh tracks to hardpack, the Blackops Sender is your ticket to ride the whole mountain. It brings an effortless, responsive feel to go anywhere the snow takes you, inbounds or out. Vibration dampening tech balances a lightweight wood core for the versatility to cruise or charge at will. Fly beyond the boundaries and roll through mixed conditions without hesitation.

BLACK OPS SENDER 94 TI (128-34-118) 19m@178 (TC) Wood/Metal. The true all mountain freeride ski. When fresh tracks beckon, the new Sender 94 Ti delivers a blend of lightweight agility and damp downhill performance to set you free to explore and ride inbounds and out. Its light swing weight courtesy of our iconic Air Tip technology keeps it playful while the lightweight paulownia wood core keeps your mind open to skin track and boot pack possibilities.

BLACK OPS 98 (131-98-121) 17m@172 (TC) Wood/Metal. Quiver-of-one versatility for carving, slashing, and blasting across the entire mountain. Kick open the door to progressive freeride performance with the Blackops 98. Its lively wood core and energy boosting titanal layers give it plenty of pop to inspire your next run. The mountain is your playground, and this is the perfect platform.



STANCE 96 (130-96-112) 19m@176 (TC,TR,OV,TRW) Wood/Metal/Carbon. The marquee ski in Salomon’s brand-new Stance series. If you live for high speed, high angle turns, and need a versatile ski that leans a bit more towards hard snow performance, the 96 is right for you.

QST 92 (131-92-114) 18m@177 (TC,TR,OV,TRW) Wood core. With an all new shape, the QST 92 offers smoother turn initiation and is easier to roll edge to edge especially when making shorter turns. A new tip-to-tail carbon powered layer takes our supercharged construction to the next level, for increased power and edge grip.

QST 106 (139-106-126) 19m@181 (TC) Wood/Carbon/Flax. The new QST 106 maintains a 106mm underfoot platform that excels when the snow gets deep. Longer rocker in the tip and tail makes navigating face shots a breeze. The new design is slightly more tapered, with the widest points of the tip and tail closer to center. This allows for quick pivots, playful turn shapes, and agility.



STORMRIDER 102 (132-102-125) 19.8m@182 (TC,TRW) Wood/Metal. Cruise relaxed through a snowy winter wonderland or put the pedal to the medal down a couloir. The Stormrider 102 makes it all possible. A waist of 102mm provides playful and maneuverable characteristics. A bigger rocker integrated at tip and tail offers you perfect float, while the double titanal layers ensure stability in difficult situations.

STORMRIDER 95 (131-95-123) 17.2m@175 (TC,TRW) Wood/Metal. If you want an aggressive, do-it-all ski for exploring every zone on the mountain in any condition, these skis should be your top choice. Lay down high-speed carves and power through crud. A subtle rocker helps you release into a slash, smear, or controlled turn. These skis are about as smooth of a ride as it gets!

STORMRIDER 88 (122-88-114) 18.4m@175 (TC,TRW) Wood/Metal. A true multitalented ski. It has the characteristics of a freeride ski, but performs just as perfectly on piste with its waist of 88mm. Its double titanal construction ensures stability even in difficult onditions, while the sidewall offers maximum impact resistance. This ski offers a total package and makes for a perfect ski day.



REVOLT 104 (132-104-122) 24/19/22m@180 (TC,TRW) Wood core. Jibbing, jumping kickers, or out in the backcountry, the Revolt 104 is fun wherever you take it and extremely versatile as well.

MANTRA 102 (142-102-124) 28/16/23m@177 (TC) Wood/Carbon/Titanal. The Mantra 102 with a tip and tail rocker is a true power freerider. The Titanal frame combined with carbon tips not only provides stability and damping effects but also great liveliness. The 3D radius sidecut, in combination with the Titanal frame and carbon tips, allows precise power transmission and a smooth ride.

MANTRA M6 (135-96-119) 30/18/24m@177 (ALL) Wood/Carbon/Titanal. The new Mantra M6 again comes with a multilayer wood core and tip and tail rocker. 3D (multi-radius) sidecut and a Titanal frame improves the agility of the ski while also making the M6 familiarly stable. The Mantra M6 is even more versatile than its predecessor and once again offers maximum fun!

KENDO 88 (129-88-113) 26/15/23m@170 (ALL) Wood/Titanium/Carbon. With 88mm under the boot, the Kendo delivers impressive carving performance thanks to the three different radii in the sidecut. These enable precise power transmission, uncompromising liveliness and optimum turning behaviour. The Kendo 88 is also built with a Titanal frame and carbon tips, providing impressive stability and damping.

KANJO 84 (125-84-107) 21/15/19m@168 (TC,TR,KB) Wood/Partial Titanium. The Kanjo is an easy handling ski featuring an 84mm waist along with the Titanal Band construction. It also features tip and tail rocker, full sidewall construction, and moderate taper in the tip. This combination of technologies creates a lively yet stable feel for cruising the front side blended with smooth, buttery turns on the occasional trip off-piste.

BLAZE 94 (134-94-116) 31/13/23m@158 (TC) Wood core/Metal binding plate. The Blaze series adds a new dimension for intuitive freeriders who like performance but appreciate a playful, agile feel. The Blaze 94 is lightweight and is a highly versatile ski for outstanding performance in almost any conditions. The Blaze is designed primarily for short, fast turns, but its three different radii and tip-to-tail hybrid multi-layer wood core adapt to any riding style.



MAVEN 93 C (124.5-93-108.5) 15m@156 (TC,TR,OV,TRW) Wood/Carbon. Strong and smooth, the Maven 93 C utilizes a construction that creates a core that produces the ultimate balance of stiffness and flex throughout the length of the ski. Just what an all-mountain women’s ski requires and nothing more. Constructed with materials such as precision milled poplar wood, lightweight fiberglass and carbon inserts, it delivers lightweight and serious performance.

MAVEN 86C (121.5-87-105) 15.5m@161 (TC) Wood/Carbon. Smooth and intuitive, the Atomic Maven 86 C delivers unparalleled performance for every run on the entire mountain. It delivers the ideal combination of camber, shovel taper and tip rocker to create a ski that charges through crud as well as carves on harder snow. Whether its groomers, bumps, trees, or steeps, prepare to ski the entire mountain with the Maven 86 C.



BLACK PEARL 97 (135.5-97-117.5) 14m@159 (TC,TR,OV) Wood/Carbon. The Black Pearl 97 is still the versatile, fun, high-performance, all-terrain women’s ski that has been loved by many. It charges through chopped-up crud and makes challenging snow conditions easy to ride. It feels like magic in soft, light powder.

BLACK PEARL 88 (127-88-109) 13m@159 (ALL) Wood/Carbon. The Black Pearl 88 is not just for the best days on the mountain, but for every day. A lightweight construction, smooth profile shape and camber underfoot make it a “go-to” ski for today, tomorrow and the day after that.

SHEEVA 10 (131.5-102-121.5) 14.5m@164 (TC,OV) Wood/Carbon. From pow to packed pow and anything in between, this ski will make any turn shape at any speed in any terrain effortless.

SHEEVA 9 (124-92-114) 14m@164 (TC) Wood/Metal. The 92mm underfoot means that the Sheeva 9 wants to venture off the beaten track and explore the mountain, but also offers performance on-piste. Poppy and playful, yet still with great stability and power underfoot, it’s the perfect combination for all-mountain women skiers.



RIPSTICK 94W (133-94-107) 15m@162 (TC) Wood/Carbon. The Ripstick 94 W packs a ton of punch in a considerably lightweight package. It is the ultimate freeride set up for the softest, deepest conditions to the most variable, mixed terrain found on the mountain. Sitting pretty at a versatile 94mm waist, it’s wide enough to handle powder, yet narrow enough to lay trenches on the groomers.



RANGER 90W (123-98-113) 15m@163 (TC) Wood/Ti. The Ranger 90 is an all-mountain specialist that can carve well and handle soft snow with ease. Easy-steering, progressive responsiveness, and incomparable stability on or off-piste make this the ideal ski for both carving and powder turns.



TOTAL JOY (134-85-113) 13.8m@163 (TC) Wood/Graphene core. Light in weight but packed with performance, the Total Joy is an all-mountain goddess of stoke for confident, advanced to expert female skiers. Thanks to its construction and the all-terrain qualities of Allride Rocker, the ski is extremely light, yet stable, with impressive balance and control.

KORE 91 W (127-89-110) 13.4m@163 (TC,OV,TRW) Wood/Graphene/Carbon core. A frontside ski that balances precise turning and stability as well as any ski in the category. The Kore 91 W feature a light wood core for nimbleness and responsiveness. A perfect choice for the woman who spends much of her time on-piste but doesn’t hesitate to head to the trees or off-piste when conditions are good.

KORE 85 W (124-83-105) 13.6m@163 (ALL) Wood/Graphene/Carbon core. Very similar to the Kore 93W, but with a narrower waist, tighter turn radius, and slightly less rocker/taper. This incredibly lightweight scalpel will slice and dice on the groomers like no other!



MINDBENDER 90C ALLIANCE W (127-90-113) 14.5m@163 (KB) Wood/Carbon. The Mindbender 90C Alliance is for intermediate to advanced skiers looking for a lightweight option that’s comfortable going beyond the groomers. Built with All-Terrain Rocker profile, this is a lively, agile freeride solution for women that inspires confidence.



UNLEASHED 98W (130-98-119) 16m@162 (TC,TR,OV,TRW) Wood/Metal/Carbon. Refined for the modern freeskier, this female-driven design is as playful as it is versatile. And because it’s equally at home exploring deep snow, bumps, and trees, it’s the perfect daily driver for adventurous skiers. Its rocker profile thrives in any terrain and all conditions while the traditional camber underfoot offers exceptional response and plenty of pop. And an early rise tip and tail provide additional floatation and love to play around the mountain.

SANTA ANA 98 (130.5-98-117.5) 14.5m@158. (TC) Wood/Carbon/Metal. If you’re looking for a wider all mountain ski that can carve groomers and give you confidence in fresh snow, the Santa Ana 98 is the perfect choice. Thanks to a wood core with carbon and a sheet of terrain-specific metal, it offers a ride that’s especially smooth and stable.

SANTA ANA 93 (125-93-112) 14.4m@158. (TC,TR,OV,TRW) Wood/Carbon/Metal. The new Santa Ana 93 is at home anywhere on the mountain. It loves making fluid turns on groomers—yet it can still make you smile on a powder day. And because its 93mm waist offers exceptional versatility, it’s the perfect daily driver for women looking to explore the entire mountain.

SANTA ANA 88 (118.5-88-106.5) 14m@158 (ALL) Wood/Carbon/Metal. Powerful, playful, and precise, the Santa Ana 88 provides a whole new way to experience the mountains. Equipped with a narrower waist, it pairs a balsa wood core with two sheets of metal and carbon, which dampens vibrations for an especially smooth ride. Its early rise tip and tail rocker profile enhances versatility, offering flotation in softer snow and the ability to readily absorb bumps.



RALLYBIRD 92 (127-92-117) 14m@162 (TC) Wood core. A true all mountain freeride ski. When fresh tracks beckon, the new women’s Rallybird 92 delivers a blend of lightweight agility and confident downhill performance to set you free. Explore and ride inbounds and out with lightened swing weight and playful agility courtesy of our iconic Air Tip technology and lightweight paulownia wood core.



QST LUX 92 (126-92-114) 13m@160 (TC) Wood/Carbon/Flax. Salomon took the beloved QST LUX 92, lengthened the rocker and revamped its shape to create a more modern, playful version of your favorite charger. What didn’t change? The edge grip, performance, and stability you have come to rely on when charging groomers or skipping through the glades.


NELA 88 (137-88-113) 15m@160 (TC,TRW) Wood/Metal. At 88 mm underfoot, this hand-made Swiss ski offers incredible versatility. Generous tip taper and minimal rocker provide a smooth entry into the turn. A longer effective edge from the flatter tail provides stability. The flex is on the usable range for most skiers, not too soft and certainly not too stiff. A smooth feel that no other brand provide.


SECRET 96 (135-96-119) 24/14/20m@163 (ALL) Wood/Titanal/Carbon. If you take a dash of the powder-loving girth of the Secret 102 and a pinch of the on-piste prowess of the Kenja 88, you’ve got the perfectly versatile combo that is the Secret 96. The new Tailored Titanal Frame and Carbon Tips give the skis much the same smoothness, with a bit more ease. The 3D Radius Sidecut allows for confident turns in any terrain, and the 96mm waist covers the bases for most every snow depth without sacrificing performance in either direction.

KENJA 88 (129-88-113) 23/13/21m@163 (ALL) Wood/Titanal/Carbon. If you are a skier that cannot decide between groomers or powder, bumps or trees, the Kenja 88 is the ski that can handle it all. It is also built with a Titanal Frame and Carbon tips which gives stability without losing playfulness. The result is a ski that holds beautifully at high speeds while remaining extremely lively.

YUMI 84 (125-84-107) 18/13/16@154. (ALL) Wood/Partial Titanium. The strength of the Yumi has always been the huge range of skiers’ abilities who could enjoy it. The lively, yet stable feel on the front side blended with the float and maneuverability for an occasional off piste ramble make it yet another winner.

BLAZE 94W (134-94-116) 31/13/23m@158 (TC,OV,TRW) Wood core/Metal binding plate. For those who want to ride free without any restrictions but with the full control of a performance all-mountain ski. The Blaze series even adds another dimension to the idea, targeting the skier who appreciates an agile, light and nimble ski.


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