2020 Demo Snowboards

Demo Snowboards are available specific to our five locations – noted after the name with TC (Tahoe City), TR (Truckee Downtown), TW (Truckee West), SV (Squaw Valley) and KB (Kings Beach).  Demo Snowboard rentals are based upon availability and they are on a first come first serve basis!

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Men's Snowboards


Masters Series (Men’s) – (TC – 157, 161) : This high performance directional freeride machine was designed by Chris Roach to go fast, rip the whole mountain, but also keeping it flexy enough.



Bryan Iguchi Pro (Camber) – (TC – 153, 159, 163MW) : The Camber System design offers a poppy ride with crisp, fully engaged performance. Ideal for those days at squaw when you want to lay down some serious turns, but also effortlessly float through pow fields.

Clovis(TC – 157, 161) : The 2020 Clovis has an updated shaping profile with additional volume in the nose, increased overall width, added taper, and a shorter tail length for maximum float. Increased snap and torsional rebound increase control in critical situations. An all-mountain machine with a deep love for powder turns.

Coda (Rocker) – (TC – 156, 161MW) : Versatile mountain twin, the System Rocker design provides a surfy ride with natural float and cleaner tracking. Perfect for riders of all abilities, in most any condition.



Custom (Camber) – (TC – 154, 158, 158W, 162W) : All mountain, with a formula that combines time-honored design with envelope-pushing ingredients to create a lightweight, poppy, and highly versatile board. Any day quiver killer for all types of riding abilities! Lays down a solid turn, but also is no stranger to free-style terrain.

Custom X (Camber) – (TC – 156, 162W) : Get pro-caliber speed and precision with the most aggressive board in Burton’s lineup. A supportive full camber profile that will allow you to hit terminal velocity with ease on the steeps, but also lay down some smooth turns on your local resort. Newly redesigned core materials make it lighter than ever, but durable enough to handle any and all conditions.

Deep Thinker(TC – 160W) : The Burton Deep Thinker is a directional spin on Danny Davis’ go-to for hot laps in the park, pipe, or mobbing side hits across the mountain. Adding the float and responsiveness of Directional Camber to a unique shape designed with Balanced Freeride Geometry and just a touch of taper ups the all-mountain abilities while keeping the freestyle performance on full blast.

Flight Attendant(TC – 156, 159, 159W, 162W, 168) : Designed to be a terrain-slaying alternative to more traditional twin shapes, the Burton Flight Attendant is a free spirit that dissects both pow and hard-pack with equal precision.On edge the board turns tight and quick, with Directional Camber and taper for added float and flow.

Hometown Hero(TC – 156, 160) : A classic set back camber profile, lead by a wider rockered nose. Strategically placed glass stiffens up the nose and tail, allowing the center to flex while retaining snap and response where you need it most. The Hometown Hero provides pro performance that won’t break the bank!



“4”(TC – 156) : Forest’s new freeride ready freestyler. Artistic geometry that rips everything. Designed and built to stimulate creativity and pleasure in all conditions on all terrain.

Antigravity(SV – 159) : The directional shape, with a slightly longer nose and mellow taper help it sit back and cruise powder, while the Magne-traction grips the ice, keeping it stable at speed.

Billygoat(KB – 164W) : Temple Cummins’ favorite freestyle based Banked Slalom winning freeride geometries refined with a new floaty directional nose and secret speed flow subtleties. Navigate advanced terrain with an untouchable precision, unique power and mystique.

Carbon Credit(KB, SV, TW, TC, TR – 150, 153, 156, 159, 159W, 162) : Featuring serrated edges for effortless edge hold. Floaty, carvy, catch-free hybrid contours. Fast progression all over the mountain.

Hyper Kyarve(TC – 160) : A poppy, carvy hybrid contour and Magne-traction make this an effortless hard pack carver. The floaty nose and tapered directional shape settles nicely into things when conditions get soft and unreal. A Quiver killing ripper that will excel in all conditions.

Money (TW – 152) : Unreal park performance and future freestyle inspired all terrain utility. Medium flex tip to tail make this board perfect for that rider that wants to explore the mountain, but also splits their time on hill in the park.

Mullair(TC – 159) : Powerful camber contours and a smooth carving mildly tapered shape follow a floaty pow and butter friendly nose deep into unreality. Great for your intermediate to advanced rider who likes to explore every aspect of the mountain. Guaranteed to make your method look better than ever!

Riders Choice(KB – 154) : Rider prefered shape, with an asymmetric design that rails surf style turns and floats in the soft deep stuff . Poppy stable C2 hybrid contours that slide, carve and plane. The riders choice conquers any terrain you present it with.

T2B (TW – 158) :  Asymmetric twin geometries speed your freestyle progression in any direction on every turn, berm, bump and booter you find. Poppy, floaty C2e hybrid contours and serrated edge technology float the pow, rip the hardpack and everything else you drop into.



Flagship(TC, TR, TW, KB, SV – 158, 159W, 161, 162W, 165W) : Featuring a directional rocker profile + Traction Tech 3.0 for unmatched edge grip on hard snow and a 3D Contour Base 3.0 for epic float in pow, the Flagship carves, stomps or straight lines with unbelievable precision. Designed, tested, and ridden here in Tahoe by Jeremy Jones himself, the Flagship is the perfect all mountain killer.

Frontier(TC, SV, KB, TR, TW – 151, 156, 159, 161W, 164W) : Featuring a floaty, freeride nose matched with a freestyle tail, the Frontier is ideal for pow days, park days, “Sick Days” and every day in between. The Frontier’s Directional Rocker profile and Traction Tech 2.0 edges provide confident stability riding through tech terrain or rough snow while the spooned nose+tail edges on the 3D contour base reduce edge catch and make it easy to turn in tight terrain.

Hovercraft(TC, KB – 152, 156) :  With a blunt nose, a short stiff tail, and a wide waist width, the Hovercraft is designed to be ridden shorter then your average freeride board as the compact shape packs serious surface area in a small package. When you’re looking for that perfect board to handle the deepest days on hill or in the backcountry, look no further than the hovercraft.

Mind Expander(TC, SV, KB, TW – 154, 158) : The Mind Expander is an alternative all-mountain board that wants to slash every terrain feature in sight. Surf shaper Chris Christenson and Jeremy Jones designed the Mind Expander for the creative rider who draws lines blending freestyle, freeride and surf styles.

Mountain Twin (TC, KB, SV, TR, TW – 151, 154, 157, 158W, 161W) : Featuring blunted tips, a mid-stiff twin flex and a CamRock profile, the Mountain Twin excels at poppin’ pillows and pressin’ boxes while it’s also an easy board to turn and finesse in tight terrain. Built to shred the whole mountain like it’s an endless skatepark without sacrificing float in pow or stability for bombing lines.

Ultra Mind Expander(TC, TR – 154, 158, 162) : We stepped up the top speed of the playful Mind Expander by adding camber, premium materials and a stiffer flex to the Ultra Mind Expander. Directional rocker nose + tail, camber underfoot and Traction Tech 3.0 give the Ultra unmatched float and edge hold while the Ash Wood Veneer topsheet, Basalt Power stringers, FSC Power Core and Triax Carbon Innegra suck up chatter in rough terrain.

Ultra Mountain Twin(TC – 157, 158W, 161W) : The Ultra Mountain Twin’s updated FSC Power Core is specially profiled for unmatched torsional response and “pedal power” between the feet. Balanced rocker in the tip and tail deliver serious float in the soft stuff while camber underfoot combined with Traction Tech 2.0 give the Ultra Mountain Twin snap and hold on hard pack.



Box Knife(TR – 154) : The Box Knife is the perfect all mountain machine for high speed jib / park performance. It’s playful but stable, a perfect balance for whatever the day throws at you whether it’s kinks, logs, table tops, gaps, groomers or butters.

Box Scratcher(SV – 154) : The Box Scratcher is you’re every day, every condition, every mountain freestyle fun board. It’s poppy, floaty, buttery ways open up an entire universe of freestyle progression.

BRD(TC – 159) : The perfect combination of a stable poppy C3 camber body with a big floaty early rise nose, a freestyle friendly tail and taper angle for stomped soft snow landings and stability

Cold Brew(KB – 157) : A directional all terrain freeride focused but freestyle ready design that includes a low entry directional nose for effortless float in the crud and pow creating a powerful, confidence building, low fatigue ride. Near mid-wide widths incredible toe drag-free carving and improved float in the soft stuff.

Climax(TC – 163) : Ultra-light tip and tails, a carbon over carbon over magnesium fiber wrapping an ultralight balsa/paulownia core. An eco sublimated bio beans top and rugged sintered base on Travis’ favorite C2 freestyle friendly freeride geometries. The Rolls Royce of all mountain rippers!

Dagmar(TR – 160) : Smooth riding C2 rocker camber hybrid contours combined with a trench carving sidecut and nice floaty “Dagmar” nose make this the perfect one board quiver.

Double Dip(TW – 159) : Pete Saari’s directional in both directions, pow friendly, all terrain freestyle dream board. New longer contact and effective edge maximizing early rise C2x contour rips the resort and hardpack as a twin.

Dynamo(TC, TR – 153, 156, 159, 162) : Libtechs experiMENTAL Division’s all new dreamy camber directional, all terrain, freestyle ready freerider. A low entry directional nose for float in the crud and pow combined with a powerful C3 camber contour.

E-Jack Knife(TC, KB – 157, 159, 159W, 162W) : Eric’s dream board is designed to excel in all conditions with a focus on pushing freestyle progression to his backcountry playground. A powerful C3 camber body that rips the hardpack combined with a smooth early rise pow friendly nose built with mild taper to stomp landings.

Goldmember (TC – 159) : Ultra light, smooth riding basalt construction that can handle power and an oversized terrain mindset. Low spin weight tips and tails and a balsa enlightened core for nimble precision and extra rotations where applicable.

Hot Knife(TC, TR – 159, 159W) : The serrated Magne-Traction provides confidence building, contest winning edge hold on the iciest of days. The precise “snowboard optimized” C3 camber contour with its central positive curve improves carving and float in pow making this a precise poppy all mountain destroyer.

JL Short Fat(TC – 147) : Stable at speed, glide in the flats, fits into tight pockets and trees, effortless soft snow float and still carves the hardpack, ice, and slush.

Litigator(TC – 170) : Big floaty nose, open high speed sidecut, whipped up tail for blocking or blasting backwards landings. The ultimate big mountain freestyle stick is back on the case.

Lost RNF(TR – 159) :  A floaty early rise nose on a taper angled, tail positive carvy elliptical sidecut chassis with plenty of width and surface area reducing swallow tail make this a versatile resort hard pack ripper and epic pow blasting stomper.

Lost Rocket(TC – 161) : The Rocket is a wider directional shape with a progressive elliptical sidecut and poppy early rise C3 camber contour that loves carving hardpack and groomers.

Orca(TC, TR, TW – 147, 153, 159) : Travis worked with Libtechs experiMENTAL Division to design this dream freestyling directional freerider. Ultra light, smooth riding basalt construction that can handle power and an oversized terrain mindset. Low spin weight tips and tails and a balsa enlightened core for nimble precision and extra rotations where applicable. Because of the increased underfoot surface area, the Orca is a board you generally ride in a shorter size than you’re used to, without sacrificing performance and stability.

Skate Banana(TC, TW – 152, 154) : This fun easy to ride, high performance dream stick rips hardpack, carves ice, jibs and floats effortlessly in powder. The perfect board to progress on whether you are just getting started or a pro stacking clips.

Skunk Ape(TC, TW, KB, SV – 161, 165, 169) : The larger gentlemen’s power freestyle stick on the planet. Put it on rail or on a rail, your toes won’t drag but your knuckles might. Built in ultra-light HP construction for easy on the front foot chair rides. Comes standard in a wide, with options of a ultra-wide as well for that rider with larger foot.

Stump Ape(TC – 157W) : Lots of floaty surface area (701sq in) and a gently entry soft snow eating nose. Lightweight HP construction for quickness and easy on the front foot chair rides. Amazing stability in pow at any speed and no toe drag while you knuckle drag the resort.

Swiss Knife(TW – 161W) : An all terrain freestyle stick that was precise, powerful, playful, jibby, carvy and kills it when the pow gets good. Lib tech combined a floaty nose, with a directional C3 camber (mellower nose camber) and a bit of taper angle to create your dream board.

Terrain Wrecker(TW – 157) : The Terrain Wrecker is designed to leave a path of destruction in its wake as you take your freestyle game and savagely apply it to the entire mountain. A directional shape with a floaty nose, tail that loves to be snatched and blocked with a twin chassis that rips in both directions.

Titty Fish(TC – 156) : A powerful flex, aggressive camber and stable open speed friendly sidecut. Big floaty nose that planes effortlessly and a tapered shape that settles nicely in soft snow for big landings and straight line run outs.

T.Ras(TC, 159) –  All the resort and park freestyle versatility to make the perfect daily driver and the float and power to push well beyond perceived limits in the wilds of BC and beyond.

T.Rice (TC, TR, TW – 153, 155, 157, 161.5, 161W, 164W) : Designed / globally tested shapes in lightweight, long lasting, powerful HP construction. The T.Rice Pro is a very versatile stick that will allow you to push your limits and is still fun and playful enough to be the perfect daily driver.

TRS Hp(TW – 157) : Originally designed as a park and slopestyle stick, the TRS (Total Ripper Series) is a go to for progressive riders pushing freestyle all over the resort and deep into the backcountry.

Women's Snowboards


Clovis(TC – 149) : The 2020 Clovis has an updated shaping profile with additional volume in the nose, increased overall width, added taper, and a shorter tail length for maximum float. An all-mountain machine with a deep love for powder turns.

Swoon (Rocker) – (TC – 152, 156) : The Swoon is a responsive mountain-twin snowboard designed for experienced women riders who require the highest level of performance from their snowboard. Expect amazing float in powder with improved control in the steeps and at higher speed.



Feel Good (TC – 144, 149) : Directional shaping navigates easily through variable conditions, making this the number one board for conquering all terrain.



B-Nice(TW – 142, 145) : Asymmetry improves performance and reduces fatigue with effortless edge control and playful pop. Fast progression all over the mountain.

B-Pro(TC – 146) : C3 directional twin for pioneering and mastering the unreal. Medium to firm flex. Portion of proceeds benefit @B4BC.

Chromatic(KB, SV, TW, TC, TR – 141, 143, 146, 149, 152) : The directional shape, original banana contour, friendly flex and price give the Chromatic an unreal edge. Rips the hardpack, floats the pow.

Gloss(TW – 144) : The Gloss has a Confident directional twin shape, friendly C2e contour, and a forgiving flex for fierce freestyle fun. Unreal park progression and style!

Ladies Choice(TC – 151.5) : Jamie Anderson’s choice for riding the whole mountain like a park. Unreal balance between progression and playfulness.

Pro Choice(TC – 148.5) : Pro Choice amplifies the Ladies Choice design to give even more stability and pop on the bigger parks and playgrounds. Anatomically intuitive ASYM – Reduces fatigue for peak performance

Whip(KB -152) : Designed for hard carving, line charging, and powerful progression. For ladies who want more from their board and want to whip their board around the whole mountain without any restrictions.



Dream Catcher(TC, TR, TW, KB, SV – 142, 145, 148, 151) : The Dream Catcher is a high performance all-mountain board with a friendly flex.The Directional shape, Directional Rocker profile and Traction Tech 2.0 edges provide stability riding through rough snow while the spooned nose and tail edges on the 3D Contour Base 1.0 reduce edge catch and make it easy to turn in tight terrain.

Flagship(TC, TR, SV, KB, TW – 149, 152, 155) : Featuring a Directional Rocker profile + Traction Tech 3.0 for unmatched edge grip on hard snow and a 3D Contour Base 3.0 for epic float in pow, the Flagship carves, stomps or straight lines with unbelievable precision.

Mind Expander(TR – 146) : The Women’s Mind Expander is an alternative freeride board built to slash every terrain feature in sight. For playful float in pow the Mind Expander features a Christenson Surf Rocker profile, 3D Contour Base 3.0 and a hybrid directional shape.

Twin Sister(TC, TR, TW, KB – 143, 146, 149) : The Twin Sister is an inspired all-mountain board for riders who want a playful board that excels in any terrain or snow condition. Featuring a directional twin shape, CamRock profile and a friendly flex, the Twin Sister offers amazing float in pow, turns on a dime and is easy to ride switch or take into the terrain park.



Cortado(TC – 148) : This board is a directional all terrain mid-wide, with a low entry nose for effortless float in the crud and pow and a powerful, confidence building, low fatigue ride.

Dynamiss(TC, TR – 145, 153) : The Dynamiss is an all terrain resort ripper with pow days and dream trips in mind. A smooth entry directional nose for float in the crud and pow combined with a slightly tapered tail and a poppy Aspen / Paulownia core makes the Dynamiss an instant dynamic freeride/freestyle classic.

Glider(TR – 143) : The Glider is a fun, easy to ride, high performance, do everything dream stick for women. Award winning “Banana Tech” rocker/camber contour continues to re-define modern snowboarding with its amazing soft snow float, hardpack carving, and catchfree freestyle.

No 43 (TC – 152) : Women’s Lib introduces No. 43, a go-to for progressive female riders pushing freestyle fun all over the resort and deep into the backcountry. A high performance C2x contour in a freestyle twin shape make this board an all terrain ripper.



Ally(TW -147) : The Ally snowboard is a true all mountain freestyle adventure seeker with a long history of design refinement. Now with Magne-Traction, the Ally is even more equipped for progression, style, and effortless control at any ability level.

Sugar(TW, 142) : The Sugar snowboard is a sweet ride with a reliable, forgiving flex and true twin shape. The Original Banana contour is the perfect choice to learn and progress on with catch-free contact points for effortless control.

Smoothie(TR – 152) : The Smoothie has been fine-tuned with Robin’s help for making waves and moving mountains with a directional shape, a floaty nose, and a slightly tapered tail for precision and control.

Torah(SV – 146) : The Torah Bright is the board of choice for Roxy slopestyle, big air, and halfpipe competitors. It continues to climb podiums and descend big mountains while being as approachable and friendly as the girl who designed it.

Xoxo(SV, TR – 142, 149) : The XOXO snowboard is an award winning freestyle twin board, originally designed with Torah Bright for playful park days. The blunt nose and tail shape give it an edge for confident power moves.

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