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Demo Snowboards are available specific to our four locations – noted after the name with TC (Tahoe City), TR (Truckee), SV (Squaw Valley) and KB (Kings Beach).  Demo Snowboard rentals are based upon availability and they are on a first come first serve basis!  

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Men's Snowboards


Bryan Iguchi Pro (Rocker)(TCSB – 156, 159) – A mountain twin, with a slightly tapered tail and longer nose for performance in deep snow. This stealthy shape blends power and finesse for backcountry freestyle, big–mountain steeps and speed. The Bryan Iguchi Pro Rocker offers a surfy ride, with natural float and cleaner tracking.
Element – (TCSB & KB – 155, 157, 159, 162W) The Element is about super clean, highly reliable performance and a focus on craftsmanship. It features parabolic rocker and a higher-end base and core with an American Black Walnut Power Ply to deliver that one–of–a–kind look.


Custom Camber – (TCSB – 154, 158, 162W) – Since 1996, this icon has reigned supreme and constantly evolved with a proven formula that combines time-honored design with envelope-pushing ingredients to create a lightweight, poppy, and highly versatile board. This season ushers in a brand new shape for a fresh look that feels good under your feet.
Custom X – (TCSB – 15) – The Custom X includes the carbon-fueled snap of Squeezebox High core profiling, a competition-grade base, and 45° Carbon Highlights High-Voltage for the ultimate in lightweight responsiveness. One of the hardest charging boards out there.
Dump Truck – (TCSB – 158) – A versatile pow-smasher that’s built with a big mountain mentality, but performs on just about any jobsite. Balanced Freeride Geometry and a Directional Camber bend featuring a 15mm taper deliver all the maneuverability and control you could ask for, whether turning on groomers or trenching in the deep stuff off-piste. The directional shape and beefed up nose provide the ultimate float, so you can move mountains one turn at a time.
Flight Attendant – (TCSB – 156, 162W) Designed to be a terrain-slaying alternative to more traditional twin shapes, the Burton Flight Attendant is a free spirit that dissects both pow and hard-pack with equal precision. On edge the board turns tight and quick, with entry rocker and taper for added float and flow. The Flight Attendant finds the sweet spot for everything from steep lines and spontaneous slashes to wind-lips, pillows, and side hits.


Genovese – (TCSB – 157) – One board to rule them all… this could be your quiver killer.  Designed to ride in every situation, this board is an easy choice for those that want it all. True snowboard addicts; they are the first on the mountain, and the last ones off.
Kwon – (TCSB – 156) – Three variations of camber that create the Action CAMber profile combined with carbon V’s in the nose and tail help this board exceed expectations for all-mountain riders and top tier park jumpers.  


Airblaster Super Progressive Air Machine – (TCSB – 157) – Like every good Gnu, it comes equipped with unreal pop, a powerful build, and the natural ability to frolic playfully or thoroughly smash unruly terrain. Its unique shape lends it effortless ability to float as well as airborne agility unmatched in its class. If you like effortlessly floating through powder, smashing unruly terrain, and blasting into the air, this hybrid beast is for you.
Billygoat – (KB -159) – All terrain stands down to the Billy Goat. Stability and hard carving come effortlessly to this dream board.
Hyperkarve – (TCSB -148, 157) – Simple Design. Advanced geometries. Calling all hard Kyarving connoisseurs! Unreal sidecut and dynamic shape reacts intuitively to quick energy transfers from rail to rail on all terrain. Kyarve the face with precision.
Headspace – (TCSB – 155) – In the perfect combination of award winning technology and Forest Bailey’s original work, comes this dream board. Now on exhibition under your feet; the soft-flexing, camber dominant, award-winning, Headspace.
Gnuru – (TR – 155)Grab a hold of this elliptical camber hybrid! The Gnuru is a quiver crusher and never be ill-equipped. The built-in anatomic intuition of Asymmetry gives the Gnuru its a “know-it-all”-terrain identity.
Money – (SV -152) Feel like you’re ripping the ‘rerrari with the price tag of the hoopty! With a directional twin shape this soft flexing, camber/rocker hybrid snowboard is the life of the terrain park party.
Retro Swallow – (SV -157)30 years later it’s the same story; All mountain/ freestyle modern sick, retro stick! In the past, they thought this board was the future… and they were right!
Riders Choice ECO – (KB – 157.5) – A staple in the line, with a design that continues to advance. The Gnu team’s go-to, and the secret weapon in any conditions, the Riders Choice snowboard has vast utility. The Asymmetric camber/rocker hybrid Riders Choice.
Space Case – (TR – 156) – Asymmetric, freestyle, freeride and a stiffer camber/rocker hybrid profile allows you the best way to ride your the best in the streets, pillows, and park.
Zoid – (TCSB – 159 Regular, 159 Goofy) – Taking Asymmetry to its pinnacle, at the resort, deeps or groomers. The stiffer camber/rocker hybrid Zoid reigns supreme. The shapeshifting, stance specific freeride innovative shape finds balance across various terrain, making for a dream ride on hardpack or chest deep days.


Explorer – (TR, KB, TCSB – 156, 159,161W) The Explorer is designed for both pow days or park days as the floaty, freeride nose is matched with a freestyle tail. Directional Rocker makes it easy to butter or stomp and the Traction Tech provides confident stability riding through tech terrain or unexpectedly rough snow conditions. The Explorer has a friendly flex and doesn’t skimp on performance features.
Flagship – (TCSB, SV, TR – 158, 159W, 161, 162W, 165W, 169W) – Steep, deep, hardpack or chunder, the Flagship crushes in all conditions and is widely known as one of the most confidence inspiring freeride boards on the planet. The edges along the Spoon nose are beveled up for improved float and turn fluidity while the Spoon tail edges are beveled up for less catch.
Mind Expander – (TCSB -154, 158)Built to slash, spin, stomp, or simply shred, the Mind Expander is an inspired new alternative to your average all-mountain board. The Mind Expander was designed to be a precise and fluid paintbrush for the creative modern day rider who draws lines blending freestyle, freeride and surf styles.
Mountain Twin – (TCSB, TR, KB – 154, 157,158W, 161W)Playful yet precise, the Mountain Twin is the board for freestylin’ freeriders who want one board that can do it all. It’s designed to shred the entire mountain like it’s your own personal skatepark without sacrificing high-speed, line-bombing stability. Rocker tip and tail make poppin’ pillows or pressin’ boxes equally easy and give the Mountain Twin float and finesse in soft snow.
Ultra Mountain Twin – (TCSB – 157) – It’s a lean and mean directional twin freestyle board that shares the same shape as the time-tested Mountain Twin only it’s built with speed boosting, chatter sucking premium materials. Rocker tip and tail deliver serious float in the soft stuff while camber underfoot combined with Traction Tech give the Ultra Mountain Twin snap and hold on hard pack.


Attack Banana – (TCSB, KB – 156, 159W) The Attack Banana snowboard is an all mountain freeride/freestyle quiver killer, a perfect step up in board feel, taking the Skate Banana and putting it on attack!
Banana Magic – (SV – 157) – A deep carving sidecut make this one an absolutely magical ride. Incredible edge grip and carving on ice and hardpack, unreal float in powder, effortless jibbing and smooth stability at speed… fantasy realized.
Box Scratcher – (KB – 154) – With this board plus a little Right Brain engagement the world is your playground. There isn’t a thing the Box Scratcher can’t jib, bonk, butter, dodge, duck, dive, smash through or pop over. It might be the most versatile, battle tested, good times shred sled to ever exist.
Box Knife – (SV – 154) – The Box Knife is the Left Brain to the Box Scratcher’s Right. Creative jib focused but with an analytical approach for precise pop, added power, stability and aggression. Fun and lively with pure presses and muscles up for bumpier run ins and run outs.
Cold Brew – (SV – 157) – A freeride focused design includes an extended low entry directional nose that floats the pow and crud, mild taper creating a powerful, confidence building, relaxed, low fatigue ride. Near mid wide widths allow incredible toe drag free carving and improved float in the soft stuff.
Double Dip – (TR – 159)Directional in both directions… the Double Dip is in a class of its own. A flat low entry nose lifts in pow while the same flat low tail kick becomes planing contact surface creating the feel of a longer more stable board in either direction while remaining extremely lose and playful. This board is designed to allow you to push the limits of freestyle, jibby, spinny, buttery fun into the backcountry and pow and still handle business when it gets serious.
Gold Member – (TCSB – 159) – Featuring firepower with lighter tips and tails and an overall lighter firm stable but, smooth riding construction that could handle his power and oversized freestyle mindset in the sketchiest of terrain. Firepower has low spin weight spin slim tips and tails, Balsa enlightened core, smooth riding lightweight basalt glass.
Greenest Board – (TR – 157) – Lib Tech went above and beyond to make the manufacturing process of this board have the least environmental impact as absolutely possible. Thanks to having their very own factory in the great GREEN state of Washington, they were able get to be experiMENTAL with alternative sustainable manufacturing techniques.
Hot Knife – (TCSB, TR, KB – 153,156, 159, 156W) – The Hot Knife will give you the best edge hold you have ever had on ice and hardpack and maximum stability and pop when it counts. The mild positive curve between your feet improves carving and float in pow. The Hot Knife is perfect if you loved snowboarding the 90s and are still pushing the limits every day or at least talking about it.
Jack Knife – (TCSB – 159) – The EJack Knife is a directional camber dominant board with a smooth entry extended floaty nose made even more effortless with a mild taper. If you want to gut and clean some double black diamonds with maximum speed, precision and fun, get the Jack Knife!
Lost Mayhem – (TCSB – 146, 157.5, 159) – All the pow float of the original mildly tapered shape combined with a lifted freestyle tail that opens up the doors to creative riding in both directions. Mid width and a deep sidecut eliminates toe drag and allows incredible hardpack carving in both directions.
Phoenix – (TCSB, SV – 154, 160) – Lando’s playful power freestyle game is built right in… ready to rip heavy lines but is focused on freestyle good times.
Terrain Wrecker – (TR – 154) – The Terrain Wrecker is designed to leave a path of mayhem in its wake as you take your freestyle game and savagely apply it to the entire mountain. A directional shape with a nose that floats the soft stuff and tail that just loves to be snatched and blocked combined with a twin chassis that excels in both directions.
TRS – (TCSB, TR – 154, 157, 159) – Originally designed as a park and slopestyle freestyle stick, the TRS has been a go to for progressive riders pushing freestyle all over the resort and deep into the backcountry.
Skate Banana – (SV, KB – 156) – The award winning Skate Banana snowboard redefined snowboarding. Fun, easy to ride, high performance… rips hardpack, jibs, and floats effortlessly in powder.The Skate Banana is an amazing first snowboard and will never grow old in your quiver. Takes an ordinary shred day and makes it bananas fun.
Skunk Ape – (TCSB, TR – 165, 169, 172) – The best larger gentlemen power freestyle stick on the planet. Put it on rail, your toes won’t drag… put it on a rail and your mag won’t hang. Warning: This board may make you invisible in thick trees and lift lines.
Swiss Knife – (SV – 158) – An all terrain freestyle stick that is precise, powerful, playful, jibby, carvy and kills it when the powder gets good. Combine a floaty nose with a directional camber (mellower nose camber) and a bit of taper angle to give you dream stick.
Rice – (TCSB, TR – 153, 155, 157, 157W, 161.5, 161.5W, 164.5, 164.5W) – This is a very versatile proven freestyle/freeride stick that will allow you to push your limits and be there when it’s all on the line but, is still fun and playful enough to be a perfect daily driver.


Jetson – (TCSB – 159) – T The mind-meltingly fun feel of the Early Rise camber profile keeps the nose afloat in the deepest conditions while giving the Jetson a surfy, freestyle feel for groomed park laps or rigid hardpack, thanks in part to stability of Mello Magne-Traction. It’s also the quickest wide board edge-to-edge out there thanks to its mellow sidecut that extends into the tip and tail blend zone.
KT-22 – (TCSB – 156, 159, 159W, 162W) – The culmination of more than a decade of shred service as the all-mountain flagship super charger of the Smokin line, the KT-22 is built to excel in all aspects of modern freeriding. The twin tip shape gives you the same versatility as a park board, forwards or backwards, but its slightly directional core and Early Rise profile offers the stability, pop, and charging power traditional bigger boards are known for.
Pillow Monster – (TCSB – 156, 162) – This unique, one-of-a-kind shape has proven to be unsinkable on the deepest of deep days thanks to the unique swallowtail and boat nose of the powerful camber. A smooth radial sidecut lets you charge your way to the next secret stash while the cambered tail gives you all the pop and carve-ability you need for slicing up groomers.



National – (TCSB – 156, 162MW) The National is Rome’s new kill-it-all design powered by our modern take on positive camber. From chutes and corduroy, to big drops and a few park laps, the National is dialed for a full day. The Fusion Camber is an evolution of the timeless power of camber, combined with targeted areas of rocker to help lay ruts effortlessly.
Mod Rocker – (TCSB – 153, 159)- This all-mountain assassin is armed with rockered agility to float and press but reinforced with a flat-cambered backbone to pop, hold an edge and rip through chunder. Always a Syndicate and in-house favorite, the Mod Rocker is the daily driver of more riders because of its high-tech versatility. Advanced response for peak, piste, and park.
Sawtooth – (TCSB – 157) – Jagged peaks, steep couloirs or in-bounds ripping, the Sawtooth is up to the task. Featuring bamboo HotRods and camber, this deck is a nimble weapon for all-mountain charging. With a directional shape that just begs to be pointed, you better tell your friends where to meet ‘cause chances are they’re gonna be way behind.

Women's Snowboards


Cadence – (TCSB – 147)The Cadence is a freestyle oriented snowboard for women who ride all–mountain. A softer flex makes turning effortless and learning tricks easy like Sunday morning. The Cadence is geared towards park, but ready for wherever your freestyle takes you.
Swoon Rocker – (TCSB, SV KB – 144, 152, 156)The Swoon Rocker offers a more surfy ride, with natural float and cleaner tracking. Expect amazing float in powder, with improved control in the steeps and at higher speed. The Swoon is built on a mountain-twin shape with a medium flex for a fun, versatile ride, in or out of bounds.
Swoon Camber – (TCSB – 147, 151)The Swoon Camber offers a more poppy ride, with crisp, fully engaged performance. Expect amazing float in powder, with improved control in the steeps and at higher speed. The Swoon is built on a mountain-twin shape with a medium flex for a fun, versatile ride, in or out of bounds.  


Feelgood  FV – (TCSB – 144, 152)Carbon Highlights are the biggest bonus, shaving serious weight while making the board more playful and lively from tip to tail. Directional shaping navigates easily through variable conditions, making this one board that truly conquers all. The Feelgood is a perfect match for aspiring pros or just riders who demand every advantage.
Storyboard – (TCSB – 154)The Burton Story Board is designed to create hard charging moments. Control, versatility and confidence are key themes. A women’s-specific core profile complements the directionally cambered shape and 10mm of taper with torsional flex that drives and floats through turns on groomers and deep days alike.


B-Klassy – (TCSB, TR – 148, 155)With the smile that has a permanent residence on her face, Kaitlyn worked tirelessly with Gnu’s builders to create a snowboard tailored to hard carving, pow floating freeride day-dreams. Her dreams have been realized with the Klassy’s Directional shape, designed with deep days in mind, and C2x contour ensuring snappy freestyle fun.
B-Pro – (TCSB – 149) The camber dominant B-Pro comprises carefully curated aggressive all mountain freestyle geometries, and 20 years of design refinement to bring you the best stick yet!
Free Spirit – (TCSB – 143) For the girl who finds the dream wherever she is in the moment, taking on new frontiers, the new short-wide Free Spirit keeps speed and wanders with hard carving capacity. From groomers, and steeps to the chutes and wherever your being wanders, the camber dominant Free Spirit guides fun, and freeride float with precision wherever it takes you.
Airblaster Super Progressive Air Machine – (TCSB – 151)Like every good Gnu, it comes equipped with unreal pop, a powerful build, and the natural ability to frolic playfully or thoroughly smash unruly terrain. Its unique shape lends it effortless ability to float as well as airborne agility unmatched in its class. If you like effortlessly floating through powder, smashing unruly terrain, and blasting into the air, this hybrid beast is for you.
Ladies Choice – (TCSB  – 142.5, 148.5)Jamie Anderson’s Pro model, The Ladies Choice is a reflection of her positive self, supporting all efforts she makes to push the progression of snowboarding. Whether it be podium topping, jaw dropping maneuvers in the park, heart opening resort ripping, or taking on new frontiers in the backcountry, Jamie’s award winning C2 dream board will always be there for you.
Velvet Gnuru – (TR – 147)The Velvet Gnuru is a “know it all” -terrain snow sensei. Pop, float and carve with an effortless elegance on all terrain. This easy riding camber/rocker hybrid, performance and progression driven board is characterized by the Gnubian Proverb “Unreal Snowboarding”.
Zoid – (TCSB – 149R, 149G) – The shapeshifting, stance specific freeride innovative shape finds balance across various terrain, making for a dream ride on hardpack or chest deep days. The directional trapezoidal contact imprint synergizes stance and turn mechanics for more effortless fun on hill!


Dream Catcher – (TCSB , TR, KB – 148, 151) – The Dream Catcher is our new women’s all-mountain board made for snagging those fresh fantasy turns. Featuring a directional freeride shape and a friendly flex, the Dream Catcher is stable, confidence inspiring, yet soft enough to be playful in any terrain. The edges of the Spoon nose are beveled up for improved turn fluidity while the tail edges are beveled up for less catch.
W’s Flagship – (TCSB – 152, 156)The Women’s Flagship is a directional freeride board designed for confident women riders who like to ride fast and lay tracks in technical terrain. The edges along the Spoon nose are beveled up for improved float and turn fluidity while the Spoon tail edges are beveled up for less catch.
Twin Sister – (TCSB , TR – 143, 146)The Twin Sister is the board for women who like to dance down the mountain and shred the most playful path possible. Traction Tech keeps the Twin Sister locked in every turn while the Cam Rock profile allows you to float through deep pow and pop off terrain features equally easy riding regular or switch. Women looking for a stable and high-performance board that’s easy to rally anywhere want the Twin Sister.


Vixen – (TCSB – 148, 156) – This premier twin tip board is designed to handle absolutely anything you can point it at. The R+ profile floats in pow yet is smooth on groomers. Mello Magne-Traction holds an edge in icy conditions while still being catch-free in the park. Skate Kicks add to the freestyle feel while the Park Flex rounds out this poppy powerhouse.

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