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Q: Where is Tahoe Dave’s located?
A: Tahoe Dave’s has five convenient locations in North Lake Tahoe & Truckee. Near the following Resorts: Alpine Meadows, Boreal, Diamond Peak, Donner Ski Ranch, Homewood, Mt. Rose, Northstar, and Olympic Valley. Check out our locations page by clicking here!

Q: Do you have any locations near South Lake Tahoe? (Heavenly, Kirkwood or Sierra at Tahoe)
A: No, not at this time. All of our five locations are located in North Lake Tahoe & Truckee.

Q: Does Tahoe Dave’s rent skis, snowboards, and snowshoes?
A: Yes, Tahoe Dave’s has the largest selection of demo and rental equipment on the north shore.

Q: Does Tahoe Dave’s rent cross country equipment?
A: Yes, at all our locations except Olympic Valley.

Q: Does Tahoe Dave’s have rental clothing?
A: Yes, we rent outerwear (pants & jackets) at all five locations.

Q: What are your rental rates for skis, snowboards, snowshoes, cross country gear and rental clothing?
A: Rental rates are posted with a description of the equipment ability level here: Tahoe Dave’s Rentals & Demos. Give us a call if you have any questions.

Q: What time does Tahoe Dave’s open/close?
A: Our hours are regularly updated HERE. Generally, our winter season hours are as follows, 7:45am – 7pm* (sometimes later if business permits). We do however recommend a phone call to the store you plan on visiting to ensure the accuracy of the information depending upon the Tahoe Dave’s location and the time of year. *Olympic Valley location closes at 6pm Sunday through Thursday

Q: What days of the week is Tahoe Dave’s open?
A: Tahoe Dave’s is open every day of the year in Tahoe City. Our Truckee Downtown location is open every day in the winter and reopens for the summer months as Tahoe Dave’s Beach House. Our Truckee West, Kings Beach and Olympic Valley locations are open every day during the winter season. Winter season generally falls between early November to late April, sometimes earlier, sometimes later. Call the store if you are considering coming by before, during or after those months to ensure accurate hours of operation information.

Q: How can I get in touch with a real person at Tahoe Dave’s?
A: Call the store you think you are most likely to visit for specific answers. Not sure? Call the Tahoe City Ski Shop.

Tahoe City Ski (800) 398-8915 (Year-round)
Tahoe City Board (530) 583-0400 (Year-round)
Truckee Downtown (530) 582-0900 (Winter Season Only)
Truckee West (530) 536-3407 (Winter Season Only)
Kings Beach (530) 546-5800 (Winter Season Only)
Olympic Valley (530) 583-5665 (Winter Season Only)

Q: Can I return the equipment I rented to any Tahoe Dave’s location?
A: Yes, one of the many convenient benefits of renting from Tahoe Dave’s.

Q: Can I rent equipment the evening before and not be charged for that day?
A: Yes, come in anytime between 4pm and closing.

Q: Why would I rent from Tahoe Dave’s when I can just get it at the ski resort?
A: For several reasons: Tahoe Dave’s is considerably less expensive than the resorts. The resorts can sometimes have lines that are hours long. Yes, we have lines too during busy weekends and holidays, but never ever nearly as long as at the resorts. We don’t run out of rental equipment, the resorts sometimes do. Imagine after waiting for hours you are told that they are out of your size when you finally get to the rental bench! Tahoe Dave’s has been annually voted the best rental shop in North Lake Tahoe for over 45 years. CLICK HERE for more information on Rentals.

Q: Can I reserve online in advance for my equipment?
A: Yes. Reserving online does not guarantee of specific equipment or equipment being set aside for you. It does save you time in the store by having your information already filled out before your arrival. Click here to reserve online.

Q: Can I reserve equipment over the phone?
A: No, please reserve online in advance to save time. You can always give us a call if you have any questions. Click here to reserve online.

Q: Do you have any discounts or coupons?
A: Yes. We have a coupon on our website which is good for everyone in your group. Kids receive discounts up to 40% off the adult rate based on age. Students & Military receive 10% off rentals with I.D. Groups receive up to 10%-20% off rentals. Click here to get your rental coupon.

Q: Can I have someone other than myself pick up my rental equipment, my children’s rental equipment or my online reservation?
A: No, every renter must be present at the time of rental for proper fitment of the equipment. Anyone under the age of 18 years old will need a parent or legal guardian present to sign the rental form(s).

Q: Can Tahoe Dave’s repair/wax my skis and snowboard?
A: Yes, all five Tahoe Dave’s locations offers a full service tuning and repair department for skis and snowboards.  Click here to view our tuning & repairs page.

Q: Can my equipment be tuned overnight and ready the next morning?
A: Yes, in by 6pm, ready at 7:45am the next day*
*This may not include major repairs or may not be available on exceptionally busy nights. First come, first served.

Q: Does Tahoe Dave’s offer custom boot fitting?
A: Yes and No. The Boardshop in Tahoe City offers custom boot fitting for Snowboard Boots. Call for more information (530) 583-0400. For a list of local ski boot fitters that we recommend, please CLICK HERE.

Q: What should I include when shipping my skis/snowboards to Tahoe Dave’s?
A: Make sure to include your NAME, NUMBER & DATE OF ARRIVAL. Optional tune-ups are available. You can also rent our demos. Contact or call (530) 583-6415 if you have more questions.

Q: Does Tahoe Dave’s offer season lease/rental packages?
A: Yes, Tahoe Dave’s offers ski and snowboard season leases for children* … CLICK HERE for more information.
*Definition of children is that they are using children’s equipment, not adult equipment. Season leases available on a first come first served basis. $50 discount on all packages before December. 

Q: Why would I do a kids’ season lease instead of just buying the equipment?
A: Many reasons. It is approximately half the cost of purchasing new equipment for leasing brand new equipment, much less for used equipment from previous seasons. If your child improves or grows during the season, you can exchange the equipment for similar equipment in the appropriate size for no extra charge. This situation happens for approximately one quarter to one third of our current season renters. This is the main reason to go with a season lease over purchasing kids equipment.

Q: Do I have to pay for my rental equipment if I don’t use it or only use it some of the days while it is in my possession?
A: Yes, as long as you possess the equipment, you are agreeing to pay for it. Think of it in terms of a rental car. If you leave it parked in the driveway one day during the rental, they still charge you for that day.

Q: Do you sell new skis and snowboards?
A: Yes, we have full retail shops at our Tahoe City locations, which sell new skis, ski bindings, snowboards, snowboard boots, and snowboard bindings.

Q: Do you sell winter clothing?
A: Yes, we have FULL retail shops at our Tahoe City & Truckee West locations.

Q: Do you sell winter related accessories (gloves, goggles, hats, etc) and Lake Tahoe souvenirs?
A: Yes, we sell these items at all Tahoe Dave’s locations to enhance your Lake Tahoe winter experience.


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