Tahoe Local's Favorite Resort Runs

Ask the Experts: "What is your Perfect Resort Run?"

“Hike out to Munchin Chutes at Alpine Meadows. It’s really steep terrain with plenty of maneuverability and a long finish” “Anything off the face of Silverado [Squaw].”

-Kim Percy, Retail Buyer, Tahoe Dave’s Skis & Boards, Tahoe City

“The sustained pitches and little tree jibs at Diamond Peak.”

-Dave Norehead, Snowboard Photographer

“Poulsen’s Gully at Squaw Valley is a huge natural half-pipe.”

-Tom Day, Adventure Photographer

“The big bowly shaped runs on the Kitchen Wall off Palisades into the Sun Bowl at Squaw.”

-Scott Gaffney, Filmmaker

“Magical Mushroom Chute past Grouse at Alpine Meadows has super knobs and great rollovers. Also, the backside of Sugar Bowl down Coldstream Canyon.”

-Tom Burt, Professional Snowboarder

“The last alternate chute off KT-22 at Squaw Valley has a steep pitch with long run out and nice airs off lower Mountain Run.”

-Shari Seoane, Pro Rider

“”Headwall face at Squaw- on a powder day you don’t have to turn.”

-Daryl, Manager, Tahoe Dave’s Skis & Boards, Tahoe City

“ I enjoy Broken Arrow at Squaw because there is lots of terrain.”

-Jessie, Tahoe Dave’s Skis & Boards, Tahoe City

Dave's Picks

Squaw Valley…a sunny wind buffed day on the nose of Headwall playing with the sun exposures…Ahhh… as the slope falls away getting steeper and steeper until the run out can be seen and the burning thighs have an end in sight…  I can spend all day here with the different exposures.

Tough to pick just one for Squaw so here’s another…  Off the KT chair traverse over to the top of Oly Lady and drop off towards the right..follow the nose through the trees…Pick a line and let ‘em rip.  Pay attention to the “danger Cliff” signs but keep going.  The chutes open up into more untapped tree lines finally ending through the glades of strawberry fields.  Keep heading down to catch the last of Exhibition.  Phew..that was steep and fast!!

Alpine Meadows …Dropping into the trees off Peter’s ridge to a traverse to the bottom of Peter’s Peril looking to the right to get all of sympathy face before picking up speed to huck over to Gunner’s nob for the final tree drop to the base…   Let’s do it again!!!

NorthStar…  Just seems to be no end to the tree glades anywhere on the mountain but to burn some thighs on the rolly-polly backside with no one ever around 2 days after a north face shaded storm cycle is sheer perfection…  2,000 vert of boot top Pow.. no people, no lift lines, no problem..  and the wind on the lift is always at your back!!!

Homewood…  One can never get bored with just the scenery but once you get passed that,  drop in anywhere along the ridge run out to quail. It’s phenomenal..  All other ski areas are skied out but no one has even touched this perfectly spaced tree ridge..  Unbelievable we all whisper..  And it’s like that again the next day…and the next….

Sugar Bowl…  It’s called Sugar Bowl for a reason.  Take the Disney chair and drop off to the east..Sugar Bowl is the name and when its right it is pure sugar…  A wide-open bowl with a tree finish…. Doesn’t get skied as much but worth the trip to the north side of the resort.

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